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UAP Leader Craig Kelly speaks at 'Kill The Bill' protest in Melbourne

Some have labelled the rally "one of the biggest" in weeks.

Craig Kelly has addressed thousands of protesters in Melbourne's CBD, who are rallying in opposition to the state's proposed pandemic legislation.

The United Australia Party leader & former Liberal MP declared his party is "coming after the Labor & the Liberal parties, because you cannot trust them."

"After that next election, we will put legislation through (the) Federal Parliament that will bring Daniel Andrews to his knees!"

Kelly quit the Liberal Party earlier this year, following criticism over his comments about COVID-19 vaccines.

Several protesters were holding 'Vote 1: United Australia Party' signs when marching.

Some on social media have labelled the rally "one of the biggest" in weeks, with arial video showing large crowds outside the Victorian Parliament.

We'll have more coverage tomorrow night at 8pm AEDT on our YouTube Channel.


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