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UAP may pick up senate seat as Greens win across Qld - and it's not all good news for Labor

The ALP is right now edging closer towards a majority government.

The United Australia Party may be about to have its first representative in parliament elected as a member since 2016, with Ralph Babet likely to pick up the sixth & final Victorian senate seat.

While the party had initial success in 2013 & 2014 under the 'Palmer United Party' name, they have failed to win any seats since then.

This year, they ran in all lower house seats (with a few disendorsements & resignations) but failed to win any.

Craig Kelly was a member of the Liberals at the 2019 election, but defected to become an independent & then join the UAP last year - he's now lost his seat of Hughes.

Crikey reports Babet deleted his social media pages & accounts shortly after election night, and is currently ahead of the Legalise Cannabis Australia Party & One Nation in the senate race.

Meanwhile, The Greens have had large success in Queensland - picking up Ryan from the LNP & Griffith from the ALP.

They're also neck-and-neck with Labor in the seat of Brisbane, in addition to retaining Melbourne & gaining more senate seats.

Labor is tonight edging closer to a majority, but it's not all good news for them - with Kristina Keneally not going to join the new government after losing the seat of Fowler she was running in to independent Dai Le.

As mentioned above, they've also lost Terri Butler's seat of Griffith to The Greens.

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