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Victoria Decides: A-Z list of every single candidate running in the state election (part 2)

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

Candidates listed from N-Z by surname.

EDITOR'S NOTE: This page stopped being updated on 5 November 2022. Some details may no longer be accurate.

For a full up-to-date list of candidates, click here (lower house) or here (upper house).

This page will remain up in full for archival purposes.


This is part 2 of our A-Z list of every single candidate running in the Victorian state election in both the Legislative Assembly & Legislative Council.


For the A-M part of this list, click here.

For the full list on a seat-by-seat basis, click here.

For full coverage of the Victorian election, click here.


IMPORTANT: Not all candidates have been announced yet, so check back here for updates throughout the election campaign.

Many of the candidates listed have hyperlinks attached to them - click them to see more coverage of them from 6 News.

Any electoral district with 'region' in its name indicates it is an upper house seat.

Read the 'notes' section for additional information here.

If you believe we've forgotten a candidate or gotten something wrong, please don't hesitate to DM us on social media - @6NewsAU - or email

With that being said, enjoy the list!



AVP Angry Victorians Party

AJP Animal Justice Party

AFP Australian Federation Party

ALP Australian Labor Party

DLP Democratic Labour Party

DHJP Derryn Hinch's Justice Party

FFP Family First Party

FFV Family First Victoria

FP Freedom Party of Victoria

HAP Health Australia Party

INDP Independence Party

IND Independent

IND FUS Independent (FUSION-endorsed)

IND SC Independent (Sensible Centre-endorsed)

IND SA Independent (Socialist Alliance-endorsed)

IAPA Indigenous-Aboriginal Party of Australia

LDP Liberal Democrats

LIB Liberal Party

NAT National Party

NDP New Democrats

PHON Pauline Hanson's One Nation

RP Reason Party

RDSDA Restore Democracy Sack Dan Andrews Party

SFF Shooters, Fishers and Farmers

SAP Sustainable Australia Party

GRN The Greens

TMP Transport Matters Party

UAP United Australia Party

VP Victorians Party

VS Victorian Socialists

* = Incumbent MP

** = Not re-contesting

*** = No longer contesting (eg: disendorsed, resigned, failed at getting preselection)


N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z



ALP Darren Natale (Malvern)

AJP Amelia Natoli (Malvern)

FP Christopher Neil (Northern Victoria Region)

ALP Lisa Neville (Bellarine)**

LIB James Newbury (Brighton)*

LIB Angela Newhouse (Point Cook)

LIB Minh Quan Nguyen (Brunswick)

IND Russell Northe (Morwell)**

FP Anastacia Ntouni (Northcote)

IND Marilyn Nuske (Northern Victoria Region)


NAT Danny O'Brien (Gippsland South)*

GRN Julie O'Brien (Bundoora)

LIB Michael O'Brien (Malvern)

IND Sarah O'Donnell (Mordialloc)

ALP Lauren O'Dwyer (Richmond)

GRN Caleb O'Flynn (Croydon)

NAT Kim O'Keeffe (Shepparton)

LIB Michael O'Reilly (Frankston)

ALP Naomi Oakley (Warrandyte)

LIB Craig Ondarchie (Northern Metropolitan Region)*

GRN Michael Ormsby (Monbulk)

AJP Tim Oseckas (Northcote)

IND Brett Owen (Pakenham)


ALP Martin Pakula (Keysborough)**

LIB George Palackalody (Melbourne)

LIB Amanda Paliouras (Preston)

ALP Tim Pallas (Werribee)*

GRN Angelica Panopoulos (Pascoe Vale)

GRN Steph Partridge (Glen Waverley)

GRN Patchouli Paterson (Preston)

SAP Sophie Paterson (Eastern Victoria Region)

RP Fiona Patten (Northern Metropolitan Region)*

VP Helen Pavlidis (unknown)***

LDP Max Payne (Lara)

ALP Danny Pearson (Essendon)*

LIB Phillip Pease (Mordialloc)

GRN Elena Pereyra (Footscray)

GRN Hayley Perry (Berwick)

LIB John Pesutto (Hawthorn)

FP Paul Pettitt (Mornington)

LIB Michael Piastrino (Mulgrave)

PHON Warren Pickering (Eastern Victoria Region)

AJP Bruce Poon (Northern Metropolitan Region)

LDP Richard Peppard (Hawthorn)

GRN Jared Prentis (Essendon)

ALP Bettina Prescott (Sandringham)

LIB Ken Price (Bendigo West)

VS Steph Price (Preston)

PHON Terri Pryse-Smith (Western Victoria Region)

GRN Aiv Puglielli (North Eastern Metropolitan Region)

ALP Jaala Pulford (Western Victoria Region)*

AJP Georgie Purcell (Northern Victoria Region)


LDP Tim Quilty (Northern Victoria Region)*

IND Bernard Quince (Ripon)


IND Ravi Ragupathy (South Eastern Metropolitan Region)

AJP Maurita Rahn (Tarneit)

GRN Maggie Ralph (Sydenham)

FP Alejandro Ramos (Sydenham)

AJP Tamasin Ramsay (Lowan)

VS Abbey Randall (Western Victoria Region)

NAT Anita Rank (Western Victoria Region)

GRN Nadia Sirninger Rankin (Bayswater)

GRN Samantha Ratnam (Northern Metropolitan Region)*

IND Michael Ray (Eureka)

UAP Keith Raymond (Western Victoria Region)

GRN Tim Read (Brunswick)*

LIB Raja Reddy (Laverton)

GRN Alysia Regan (Sandringham)

VS Brad Reich (Niddrie)

IND Nicola Reid (Eureka)

IND Phil Reid (Mordialloc)

LIB Gordon Rich-Phillips (South Eastern Metropolitan Region)**

ALP Pauline Richards (Cranbourne)*

LIB Anthony Richardson (Clarinda)

FP Damien Richardson (Northern Metropolitan Region)

ALP Tim Richardson (Mordialloc)*

LIB Richard Riordan (Polwarth)*

VS Catherine Robertson (Laverton)

LDP Liam Roche (Western Metropolitan Region)

GRN Suzette Rodoreda (Williamstown)

VP Gabriel Rossi (Western Metropolitan Region)***

AJP Nicholas Rowe (Ringwood)

LIB Brad Rowswell (Sandringham)*

VS Van Thanh Rudd (St Albans)

ALP Denise Ryan (Gippsland South)

NAT Steph Ryan (Euroa)**


IND Sanjeev Sabhlok (Bulleen)

GRN Kim Samiotis (Albert Park)

LIB Annette Samuel (Narre Warren South)

GRN Ellen Sandell (Melbourne)*

GRN Paul Saunders (Hastings)

GRN Nick Savage (Hawthorn)

IND SC Shwetali Sawant (Point Cook)

UAP Nathan Scaglione (North Eastern Metropolitan Region)

LIB Darin Schade (Bendigo East)

AJP Ruby Schofield (Kew)

AJP Ben Schultz (Southern Metropolitan Region)

AJP Leonie Schween (Mornington)

ALP Robin Scott (Preston)**

GRN James Searle (Bendigo West)

LDP David Segal (Southern Metropolitan Region)

GRN Rachel Semmens (Bellarine)

ALP Michaela Settle (Buninyong)*

IND Nicole Seymour (Rowville)

GRN Joanne Shan (Greens)

UAP Geoff Shaw (Northern Victoria Region)

LIB Mia Shaw (Werribee)

IND Suzanna Sheed (Shepparton)*

LIB Lauren Sherson (Albert Park)

ALP Harriet Shing (Eastern Victoria Region)*

LDP Paul Silverberg (Northern Metropolitan Region)

AJP Marcia Simons (Mill Park)

GRN Matt Sinapi (Thomastown)

GRN Cate Sinclair (Northern Victoria Region)

RP Emma Sinclair (Western Victoria Region)

GRN Harry Sinclair (Mornington)

LIB Bikram Singh (Kalkallo)

LIB Gurdawar Singh (Thomastown)

LIB Jagdeep Singh (Cranbourne)

UAP Jatinder Singh (South Eastern Metropolitan Region)

LIB Preet Singh (Tarneit)

AJP Holly Sitters (Ripon)

ALP Lucy Skelton (Kew)

LDP Christine Skrobo (Narre Warren South)

VS Jerome Small (Northern Metropolitan Region)

GRN Aleisha Smith (Geelong)

LIB Ryan Smith (Warrandyte)*

FP Steven Smith (Melbourne)

LIB Tim Smith (Kew)**

IND Adem Somyurek (South Eastern Metropolitan Region)*

LIB David Southwick (Caulfield)*

FP Rebekah Spelman (South Eastern Metropolitan Region)

ALP Ros Spence (Kalkello)*

GRN Kellie Stafford (Bulleen)

ALP Nick Staikos (Bentleigh)*

LIB Louise Staley (Ripon)*

LIB Nick Stavrou (Southern Metropolitan Region)

GRN Reuben Steen (Ringwood)

FP Toni Steinbergs (Hastings)

ALP Ingrid Stitt (Western Metropolitan Region)*

FP Mark Strother (Werribee)

UAP Elijah Suares (Northern Victoria Region)

ALP Natalie Suleyman (St Albans)*

FP Dragan Suric (Frankston)

RP Ben Sutter (Broadmeadows)

ALP Jaclyn Symes (Northern Victoria Region)*


IND Virginia Tachos (St Albans)

VP Joanne Tadmore (unknown)***

ALP Meng Heang Tak (Clarinda)*

ALP Lee Tarlamis (South Eastern Metropolitan Region)*

LIB Paul Tatchell (Eureka)

ALP Jackson Taylor (Bayswater)*

ALP Nina Taylor (Albert Park)

LIB Debbie Taylor-Haynes (Bentleigh)

ALP Sonja Terpstra (Eastern Metropolitan Region)*

LDP Maya Tesa (North Eastern Metropolitan Region)

NAT Brett Tessari (Bass)

VS Lavanya Thavaraja (South Eastern Metropolitan Region)

ALP Kat Theophanous (Northcote)*

ALP Rebecca Thistleton (Melbourne)

GRN Bernadette Thomas (Western Metropolitan Region)

HAP Kellie Thomas (Southern Metropolitan Region)

ALP Mary-Anne Thomas (Macedon)*

ALP Gayle Tierney (Western Victoria Region)*

LIB Bill Tilley (Benambra)*

GRN Jay Tiziani-Simpson (Gippsland South)

VS Sergio Monsalve Tobon (Kalkallo)

VS Jack Todaro (Southern Metropolitan Region)

GRN Michael Tolhurst (Bendigo East)

LIB Sahil Tomar (Bundoora)

IND Sophie Torney (Kew)

ALP Angela Tough (Euroa)

VS Jaynaya Travis (South Eastern Metropolitan Region)

PHON Rikkie Tyrrell (Northern Victoria Region)


AJP Rachel Unicomb (Preston)

UAP James Unkles (Eastern Victoria Region)

VS Claudio Uribe (Tarneit)


NDP Kaushaliya Vaghela (Western Metropolitan Region)*

LIB Bridget Vallence (Evelyn)*

AJP Clare Van Balen (Euroa)

PHON Ursula Van Bree (Western Metropolitan Region)

GRN Kiran Vempati (Cranbourne)

ALP Manny Kaur Verma (Rowville)

LDP Rachel Versteegen (Northern Metropolitan Region)

IND Walter Villagonzalo (Western Metropolitan Region)

AJP Lis Viggers (Richmond)

ALP Emma Vulin (Pakenham)


LIB Nick Wakeling (Bayswater)

AJP Alicia Walker (Brighton)

HAP Kristy Wallace (Eastern Victoria Region)

FP Henk Wallenborn (Northern Victoria Region)

VS Liz Walsh (Western Metropolitan Region)

NAT Peter Walsh (Murray Plains)*

ALP Iwan Walters (Greenvale)

LIB Gareth Ward (Monbulk)

VS Roz Ward (Richmond)

ALP Vicki Ward (Eltham)*

HAP Kim Warner (Northern Victoria Region)

AJP Meg Watkins (Western Metropolitan Region)

LIB Cynthia Watson (Ringwood)

LIB Graham Watt (Melton)

ALP Sheena Watt (Northern Metropolitan Region)*

SAP Madeleine Wearne (Western Victoria Region)

GRN Alyssa Weaver (Narracan)

LIB Richard Welch (Yan Yean)

LIB Kim Wells (Rowville)*

LIB Nicole Ta-Ei Werner (Box Hill)

AJP Cassandra Westwood (Albert Park)

IND Caroline White (Clarinda)

FFP Michael White (Northern Victoria Region)

IND Robert Whitehill (Hastings)

ALP Dylan Wight (Tarneit)*

FFP Milton Wilde (Eastern Victoria Region)

ALP Gabrielle Williams (Dandenong)*

AJP Gayle Williams (Essendon)

ALP Mike Williams (Brunswick)

IND Damian Willis (Carrum)

AJP Hannah Wilshier (Western Victoria)

ALP Belinda Wilson (Narre Warren North)

LIB Jess Wilson (Kew)

UAP Paul Wilson (Eastern Victoria Region)

IND Elizabeth Woolcock (Nepean)

AJP Alyssa Wormald (Bayswater)

FP David Wright (Essendon)

LIB Tom Wright (Pascoe Vale)

ALP Richard Wynne (Richmond)**



LIB Paige Yap (Mill Park)

VP Oscar Yildiz (Northern Metropolitan Region)***

VS Mutullah Can Yolbulan (Greenvale)

LIB Alan Youhana (Niddrie)


ALP Malik Zaveer (Berwick)

AJP Angylina Zayn (Mildura)

IND Larry Zhao (Point Cook)

UAP Irene Zivkovic (North Eastern Metropolitan Region)



  • The Sensible Centre, a self-described "initiative of Civil Society Australia," attempted to run in the 2022 federal election & had at least 1 candidate named - although planned to support independents in the lower & upper houses of parliament. Given their previous involvement as an unregistered party (or group, depending on how you want to label them) candidates with their support at this election will be labelled as "IND-SC" - similar to how Socialist Alliance-endorsed independents are labelled as "IND-SA". Teal independents (or candidates backed by 'Independents' groups, like Kew Independents) will not receive a specific label as a 'teal' candidate is not as easy to define & groups are only backing a single candidate in many cases, but will instead have all those details noted in our 'seat-by-seat' page & also in our other coverage.

  • The Victorians Party announced several candidates but said on August 12 they would no longer be running.


Reminder - if a candidate listed has a hyperlink attached to them, click them to see more reports on them, from 6 News.

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