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Victorian Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton 'resigns' - but someone needs to tell him that

It's not the first time that the state's CHO has supposedly "resigned."

A tweet has gone viral claiming that Victorian CHO Brett Sutton has resigned from his position - and plenty have fallen for the false claim.

The tweet, posted by an account called 'KellieFranklin0,' simply stated that "Brett Sutton has resigned."

No evidence or reasons for the supposed resignation were given, and the tweet has around 500 likes & hundreds of comment, including from some who have believed it.

But a quick Google search will tell you that the claim is FALSE.

No media outlet, mainstream or otherwise, has reported anything even suggesting Sutton may resign, let alone that he has.

This afternoon, the CHO himself responded, jokingly asking:

"Why am I always the *last* person to know that I’ve resigned?"

In fact, it's not the first time such a claim has spread.

In early August last year, reports circulated that Sutton had quit his role amid Victoria's second wave of Coronavirus - the difference to now being that the claims had made it to major media outlets.

Back then, 6 News also fact-checked the claim, which Premier Dan Andrews' office quickly denied.

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