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We asked a UAP candidate about misinformation coming from the party

The party has promoted Craig Kelly as the next PM - but is that actually possible?

The UAP's candidate for Blaxland in Sydney, Elvis Sinosic, has said "we all make mistakes" when asked about misinformation coming from his party.

Sinosic made headlines on 6 News in March after sharing a video of far-right extremist Blair Cottrell, claiming it was Shane Warne's son.

He now tells us that he was "fed that information from several different sources," and has since deleted the post.

"Every party makes mistakes, every politician gets it wrong, the question is - can you admit that you've made the mistake & change it?"

On their website, the UAP says it had 3 former Prime Ministers in its party - Billy Hughes, Joseph Lyons & Sir Robert Menzies.

However, Hughes was not the United Australia Party leader when he was PM (initially Labor, then National Labor & later Nationalist) - and the UAP of the 1930s & 1940s is not the same as the current one, which was originally known as the Palmer United Party.

Sinosic says that claim is "related to the name - the United Australia Party," which he says had 3 former PMs (see above for our fact-check of that).

Referring to the old UAP being disbanded & the new UAP being formed in 2013, Sinosic said that there was "a large gap in-between...but it is still technically the United Australia Party that had those 3 Prime Ministers."

"It is still the United Australia Party."

6 News has previously fact-checked the UAP & its members, including Clive Palmer for some of his comments made at the National Press Club earlier this year.

The UAP has also promoted winning this year's election & Craig Kelly becoming PM - but is that actually possible?

Australia has had 30 Prime Ministers - all of which belonging to one of the following 9 parties:

  • Commonwealth Liberal

  • Country (now Nationals)

  • Free Trade

  • Liberal

  • Labor

  • Nationalist

  • National Labor

  • Protectionist

  • United Australia Party (the old one)

Since 1945, every PM has belonged to either the Liberals or Labor - with the exception of the Country Party's John McEwen for 22 days following the disappearance of Harold Holt.

For the UAP to form a majority government, they would have to win 75 seats, and Craig Kelly would have to retain his seat of Hughes.

Almost all analysts agree that will not happen, but Sinosic tells us what - while it's not easy - he thinks it is "absolutely" possible.

You can watch the full interview here.

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