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Western Australia is a "semi-autocratic dictatorship," according to Legalise Cannabis MP

The comments from Brian Walker came during an interview on 6 News.

The Upper House is meant to be the ‘house of review,’ but one WA MP has told 6 News that there’s been no review to speak of.

Just over 450 days since the Western Australian state election saw Labor pick up a majority in both houses, Legalise Cannabis MP Brian Walker has told 6 News the state has a “semi-autocratic dictatorship.”

Election ads from the Liberals featurning then-leader Zak Kirkup urged Western Australians not to give Labor "too much power."

"The Labor party has made it very clear - they want to use the Premier's popularity to take total control of the West Australian parliament."

And they did, with Labor now having a majority in both houses - meaning government bills can be passed with little-to-no resistance.

"There's no way we're going to get anything but what Labor wants...100 percent," Mr Walker told 6 News.

"That means every single law which has come forward in this last year has been 100 percent perfect, and that is just not the case - it can't be the case."

"In practical terms...we do in fact have a semi-autocratic democracy."

The LCWA MLC said he'll speak about cannabis & "half the Labor party" will agree, but says "they don't say so."

"I may be speaking up for a sizeable chunk of the Labor party who have a voice, but can't say it in open."

In the WA Legislative Council, Labor has 22 seats, the Liberals have 7, the Nationals have 3 - while on the crossbench, Legalise Cannabis has 2, the Greens & Daylight Saving Party have 1, and there's also 1 independent.

The Opposition was wiped out in the lower house with only 2 Liberal MPs & 4 Nationals remaining, but one of those - Vince Catania - has now resigned, triggering a by-election in the seat of North West Central that could see Labor expand its majority even further.

Watch the full report here.

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