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Where you can watch 6 News' LIVE election coverage on Saturday night - and how you can have your say

It's the biggest production from 6 News in our 3-year history.

This Saturday, 6 News will be live all night as Australia Decides - bringing you unbiased coverage of the federal election.

Throughout the day, we'll be on-the-ground in key seats as voters head out to formally have their say on who will lead the country for the next 3 years.

Then from 6pm AEST, we will be LIVE on our YouTube Channel all night.

We'll bring you:

  • Live crosses to our reporters

  • Interviews with candidates vying to be elected

  • Predictions about what will happen

  • Analysis on the races that matter

  • A map of all 151 electorates updating throughout the night

  • Full speeches from the leaders

In the coverage presented by Leonardo Puglisi you'll see plenty of our team - including Connor Alforque, Roman Mackinnon, Austin Pollock & Heidi Pietschner - as well as the views of political commentator Matthew Hain.

Our reporting will be impartial & without any gimmicks you might see on other networks.

Then from 8pm AEST on Sunday, tune in for a special edition of 6 News & WAMN News - bringing you the latest developments & breaking news.

If you're a regular viewer of the TV coverage, remember - you can have 1 channel on your TV & 6 News on your mobile phone or computer.

Alternatively, you can switch between the 2 on TV using the YouTube app for selected smart TVs.

And throughout the night, we want to hear from YOU - so join the conversation by live-tweeting your views using #6NewsAU or email your feedback to

Subscribe to our YouTube Channel for free & click 'all notifications' so you don't miss a moment.

You can subscribe by clicking here.

Check out the latest impartial coverage of the 2022 Federal Election here.

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