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Why we've created a new Twitter account to monitor MPs on TikTok

You can follow @TikTokMPs right now.

We hear about it almost every day - misinformation spreading on social media, and on platforms like TikTok.

But while some think of it as a "dancing app," TikTok is being used by MPs and parties a lot these days.

Labor, the Liberals, The Greens, One Nation & the Victorian Socialists are just some of the parties with active TikTok accounts.

Countless MPs & candidates use it too.

Not only do they post content on there that they don't post anywhere else, misinformation is also being reported coming from some of these accounts.

But it seems many aren't aware of this - and some of the claims are going unchecked.

So we've created a new account to monitor them.

As always, we'll be unbiased and let you make your own mind about the videos we post.

This account will not just look at MPs - political parties & candidates will be covered too.

You'll see a side of politicians you may not be able to find anywhere else.

While there'll be a focus on the Victorian state election right now, federal pollies (as well as ones in other states & territories) will also be covered.

You can follow @TikTokMPs on Twitter here.

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