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Wieambilla shooting: Everything we know after 6 people were shot dead in regional Queensland

2 police officers are among the dead.

6 people are dead following a shooting, and later siege, at a property in regional Queensland.

The dead include 2 police officers and a local resident of Wieambilla, which is part of the state's Western Downs Region.

The deceased are believed to be the following:

  • Constable Matthew Arnold (29) - Queensland Police

  • Constable Rachel McCrow (26) - Queensland Police

  • Alan Dare (58) - neighbour

  • Nathaniel Train (46) - suspected offender

  • Gareth Train (47) - suspected offender, brother of Nathaniel

  • Stacey Train (45) - suspected offender, wife of Gareth


How the shooting unfolded

Police say 4 officers attended a property on Wains Rd at Wieambilla in relation to a missing person investigation. Officers were then shot at by two armed offenders while approaching the property.

Two officers - Matthew Arnold & Rachel McCrow - are subsequently killed, reportedly 'execution-style,' with their pistols taken - while the other 2 manage to escape.

It's then believed 58-year-old Alan Dare, a local resident, approached the scene and was then also shot dead.

Reports state the gunmen allegedly started bushfire (also reported as a car fire) to find one of the officers who escaped. By 6pm local time, the story was making it onto news bulletins across Queensland.

At 6:11pm, an emergency declaration was declared by police. Queensland Ambulance Service crews attending the scene are all outside the declared zone.

Shortly before 8pm local time, it's reported that 2 officers are confirmed dead.

Around an hour later, 2 gunmen reportedly fire at a helicopter. By this time, the sun has gone down and weather conditions are worsening. Residents are still advised to stay indoors.

Reports of a local resident being shot come in not too long after that, and Anthony Albanese & Peter Dutton both release statements on social media.

Just after 9:30pm AEST, Police Commissioner Katarina Carroll holds a press conference to confirm that 3 people are dead. As that's happening, reports begin to emerge that at least 1 gunman is now injured, and more shots are fired in the area amid a siege situation.

A police statement released at 1:54am confirms two males and a female were fatally shot during a confrontation with police shortly after 10.30pm.

Today, it's been reported that Nathaniel Train was a missing NSW primary school principal. His brother Gareth and his wife, Stacey, owned the property where the shooting happened.

All are now dead.

Just before 3pm AEDT, the Prime Minister spoke about the shooting.

Leonardo Puglisi, Roman Mackinnon, Austin Pollock, Lincoln Holmes and Stuart Jeffery all continued to this report.

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