SPECIAL MINI-DOCUMENTARY: The rise, fall and resurgence of QAnon

It was born in the 'dark recesses' of the internet, and somehow slithered into every aspect of public life.


In a poll from June this year, 15% of Americans said they believe 'the government, media, and financial worlds in the US are controlled by a group of Satan-worshipping pedophiles who run a global child sex trafficking operation.'


That theory is the core tenant of internet based conspiracy, QAnon.


Its popularity peaked during the Trump presidency, and its ideology fuelled the Capitol Riots.


But as prophecy after prophecy failed to materialise, the number of devotees is reportedly dwindling.  


And while its following may be slightly smaller, it IS still sizable.


Which is why QAnon cannot be dismissed as some fringe internet cult, even in Australia.


Because its dangerous brand of critical thinking is here to stay - that’s according Professor Lauren Rosewarne from the University of Melbourne, who fears QAnon - or movements like it - could metastasize into terrorist organisations. 

6 News has also spoken to a follower of the conspiracy theory - Robert May - who reveals insights into it from a unique perspective.

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Read our questions to Robert - and his full answers - below:

1. How & when did you get into QAnon?


1.a.  The how: "QAnon" is a media name for a movement that has been in separate groups of people or individuals  since the 1960's. There have been several attempts to "gather" these separate groups of people that have knowledge of, for the lack of simple words, "governmental problems" worldwide. Many times over the decades some people would come together to start or continue the efforts to solve these "governmental problems". These efforts normally ended when the publicly facing people would end up dead... death of oneself or their family members has a way of stopping disclosure of the "governmental problems". I was first introduced to the foundations of the, to keep the subject easy, "darker side of what was one of the government's largest problems" in the 1970's. The next few decades were a rough ride as I did not fit in with what was going on... ...without this experience in the darker side of "public service", I would not be able to understand what we see happening today. The current concept of "Q" started in October of 2017 on the tail end of a few different Intelligence operations ran on the internet. I was observing the operations that proceeded what is referred to as "Q Posts" and observed those as part of my standard operating procedures.


1.b.  To keep it simple, which cannot be done with this subject, I have observed the "Q Posts" since late October 2017.


2. What makes Q right compared to any number of other theories out there?


2.a.  Q, per say, is not "right" or "wrong". Right or wrong is a very simple-minded concept when it comes to issues within and underneath "society". Q is an operation - one that requires substantial military training to understand even the simplest parts. The "public" side of Q is meant to accomplish many things - depending on the intelligence, experience and wisdom of the "observer". The vast amount of the "public" does not have the ability to understand the depth of this operation.


2.b.  The Q operation was used to provide information and disinformation - some in simple to understand words and pictures - but also included was several layers of "deeper"  information and disinformation that could be "decoded" by both good and bad guys. 


2.c.  Information has great influence on actions of various parties. How a party reacts to a particular piece of Information says a lot about the "intentions" of that party. Thus, information can be both right and wrong at the same time - depending on the party reviewing the information.


3. Without going into too much detail on evidence etc, can you provide the general public with a general overview of what QAnon is?


3.a.  QAnon is different things to different people based on the individuals ability to understand the depth that they can. Simple people see it one way based on their life experiences - whereas military and deep state assets see it as something completely different. - If someone can "speak the language", then they will have a better understanding than those who can only see the pictures.


3.b. What the unknowing "media" refer to as "QAnon" - is a movement for disclosure of deep secrets held by people in government agencies. Short-term politicians have little knowledge of these things. The long-term and very-long-term persons within governments, ie employees and appointees, are the "holders of Information" - both good and bad information. 


4. Who is Q?


4.a.  Simple answer - Q is a group of less than 10 people - some military and some not.


5. Is it possible Q is Ron Watkins - who appeared to admit to it on-camera?


5.a.  No.  There are many people that want to be in the spotlight - that is good because it keeps confusion high for those that don't "speak the language".


6. Have there ever been times you've doubted Q?


6.a. As Q is an operation that has several levels of difficulty in understanding based on ones ability to decode required Information... yes, at times I was frustrated in the encoding - I have specific skills and the information required additional skills I needed to obtain to become satisfied with the Information presented.


7. What about all the predictions that have been proven wrong? Eg Trump being returned to office on January 20?


7.a.  "Predictions" are only "carrots" hung out to cause reactions from specific parties. Predictions are also used as "dampers" or "exciters" to help with control of the public and the media. These things are called predictions by those that don't "speak the language".


8. What are your thoughts on one of the most prominent conspiracy theorists - Alex Jones - being completely against QAnon? Is there a chance he is correct? 


8.a.  In every movie there are characters.... without mentioning names, most people that you see in public regarding this issue or part of an agency of one type or another. The vast majority of people that you see are controlled by both blackmail and money to do what their "bosses" say to do.


9. Who is the 'deep state'?


9.a.  The deep state consists of approximately 2 million people worldwide that are controlled in one way or another and operate within governments and agencies - typically not in the best interest of the public good.


10. Why would Trump promote & get the COVID-19 vaccine despite it being called 'deadly' by theorists such as yourself? (paraphrasing)


10.a.  ...this is very complicated... ...very complicated. Trump did not get the vaccine... that was a show that I do not like. Eugenics is a complicated issue. Critical thinking is an asset to humanity. Out of 7,000,000,000 people how do you separate critical thinkers from non-critical thinkers? Society was being led in a specific direction for very evil reasons, Trump had to reverse the process but it will be at the cost of many many innocent lives. To oversimplify the answer, if Trump didn't choose this direction the world come to an end literally. There are many many reasons this path had to be chosen.


11. Is there a chance Q is wrong?


11.a.  As Q is only a communications channel, Q is neither   right nor wrong.


12. Will Trump be returned to the White House in August?


12.a.  There are currently two "leaders" in the USA, one (Biden-stand-in) is "holding" the administrative position as President and the other (Trump) is "holding" the military position as Commander & Chief. The "operation" is classified for good reason... but, in my opinion, things need to remain difficult until the general public recognise and appreciate the concept of open government - and start getting more involved in holding government individuals responsible and replacing the bad apples with good normal people.

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