'Sky News should be ashamed': Ray Hadley slams Alan Jones after COVID-19 comments

2GB host Ray Hadley has slammed recent comments from former colleague Alan Jones, after the death of a 27-year-old man from COVID-19.


"Will there be an autopsy?" Jones asked on his Sky News show.


"If the man was seriously ill, why wasn't he hospitalised?"


During his morning show, Hadley said the comments were "ill-informed" and he was "quite emotional."


"To suggest that Dr. Chant & Gladys Berejiklian would be in a conspiracy...is just absolutely reprehensible."


Jones' column in The Daily Telegraph was recently dropped, as he continues to face criticism over comments made about COVID-19 & the vaccine.


Hadley says "someone needs to make a call" on the comments.


"Half of what he says is well researched, the (other half) is absolute & utter bulls**t."


Sky News Australia has returned to uploading on their YouTube Channel, 1 week after being suspended for 'COVID-19 misinformation.'

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