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Social media guidelines

As an unbiased news outlet, 6 News encourages our viewers to share their thoughts on stories we cover, and interact with other users. 

However, we won't tolerate comments that call for violence against people, or may be racist, homophobic, anti-semitic, defamatory, spam, explicit, or self-promotion of any kind.

Comments personally targeting our reporters - not their reporting - will also be removed.

6 News also reserves the right to delete or hide any offending comments & to block or report any offending users. 

The opinions expressed by our viewers DO NOT represent those of 6 News, and we are not responsible for any comments made by them.

By commenting on our content or emailing us, you also give 6 News the right to use your comment & show your name in any content, on-air & online.

With emails, 6 News will not show your email address publicly - however, like with social media - we reserve the right to use your comment & first name on-air.  



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