'TikTok Guy' deletes video filmed at anti-lockdown protest in Sydney after backlash

Jon-Bernard Kairouz, the comedian dubbed 'TikTok Guy' by social media users after posting NSW's COVID-19 case numbers before authorities revealed them, has spoken at today's anti-lockdown protest in Sydney's CBD.

Calling himself 'The People's Premier' he told a crowd that he's "crunched the numbers....there's over 50,000 people here today."

Mr. Kairouz also uploaded the video to his TikTok account, which has over 300,000 followers, but was swiftly deleted after backlash from commenters. 

Mainstream media outlets who interviewed him, such as Sky News, Channel 10 & Channel 7, are now being accused of 'building his profile.'

Video shared on social media also shows people throwing objects at police horses, as well as another pushing an officer who had his back turned.

Authorities also released their own vision of the violent scenes.

NSW today recorded 163 new Coronavirus cases, with the lockdown likely to continue well into next month.

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