SPECIAL REPORT: 1 year on from Melbourne's curfew - do short lockdowns even work?

On this day, 1 year ago, Melbourne was heading into a Stage 4 lockdown that was supposed to go for 6 weeks - but wouldn’t end for months.


At the time, 6 News was reporting on the rise of cases inside the Aged Care sector - with 671 cases reported on August 2, bringing the total to just under 11,000.


123 people had so far died - far less than the more than 800 who would pass away in the coming weeks & months.


At the time, Victoria was the only place in Australia to have more than 1 lockdown.


But let’s fast-forward to 2021…


With parts of both NSW & Queensland under heavy restrictions, and 6 out of 8 states & territories being in lockdown since June - the question has been raised - do short lockdown even work?


Epidemiologist Mary-Louise McLaws spoke to 6 News earlier this year that authorities have learnt to respond "very, very rapidly."


It’s hoped the lockdowns will end for good once majority of the Australian population gets vaccinated.

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