'It is marginal': Voices of Kooyong call for change in Josh Frydenberg's electoral seat

As the Morrison Government continues to face criticism over how it's handled the latest COVID-19 outbreak & the vaccine rollout, Treasurer Josh Frydenberg is in the spotlight over what some say is a lack of financial support for millions of Aussies locked down.

Sue Fricke, a representative from Voices of Kooyong, told 6 News that she believes a 'strong, independent candidate' can swing Frydenberg's seat of Kooyong at the next Federal Election.


"The seat is marginal now, we think....the Labor Party doesn't agree with us."

Asked if we could ever see Frydenberg as Prime Minister, Ms Fricke said: "It's certainly not an outcome I would be thrilled with."

"(It) would not be a good thing for the Federal Government at this point in time."

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