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6 News was founded by Leonardo Puglisi in 2019 as HMV Local News, covering local news from across the Hawthorn District in Melbourne, with weekly news bulletins on our YouTube Channel.

But at the beginning of 2020, we rebranded as 6 News & moved to focusing on national & international stories, launching accounts on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram, and uploading our original content on YouTube everyday.

Young journalists soon joined our team from all over Australia & even in the US, making our team larger than some regional TV services & helping us bring you 24/7 coverage (read more here)

Our mission isn't to "take down" the already existing mainstream media or anything like that - it's to bring you a genuine alternative, made possible by the younger generation.

No matter your politics - and no matter your location - you will always find unbiased news from our reporters and uncensored views from our guests - right here, on 6 News.


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