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13 Pentecostals in the Federal Cabinet? The numbers don't add up

We analyse whether the 'thirteen' Liberal Party members are really Pentecostals.

In simple terms, the claim basically states that of the Federal Cabinet, 13 members are Pentecostals - which, if you’re unaware, is a Protestant Christian movement.

Thankfully for us, the original post actually listed all 13 people that are supposedly pentecostals - so, let’s go through all of them individually, and in order - starting with the Prime Minister, Scott Morrison.

He DOES attend the Horizon Church, a Pentecostal church (not Hillsong, as is believed by some) and according to a 2021 Daily Mail article, the PM says he prays “almost every day - on his knees when possible - and reads the bible from his phone.”

Stuart Robert is also a Pentecostal, while The Saturday Paper says that “like Morrison, (Alex Hawke) is of Pentecostal faith.”

So that’s 3 from 3 - but this is where the claim starts to fall apart.

Jason Falinski is not a member of the cabinet, nor is he a pentecostal - he described himself as a ‘practising Catholic’ in a 2017 Daily Telegraph article.

Gladys Liu? Not from the Cabinet, and not a pentecostal - she’s a member of an evangelical Chinese church.

Karen Andrews? Eternity News says she was raised Catholic - but her current religion is unknown, while Kevin Andrews is a Catholic.

Nicole Flint is not a cabinet member & her religion is unknown, Andrew Hastie is a Christian, who "attends a number of evangelical churches that reflect his faith," and James Paterson is an “agnostic libertarian.”

Christian Porter is no longer in the Cabinet, but told The West Australian the following in 2019:

"I'm not particularly religious but that doesn't mean I don't believe in God, which probably makes me like a lot of Australians."

The WA Parliament website, from when he was a state MP, lists his church as “Church of England.”

Amanda Stoker is a evangelical Christian, Celia Hammond is a backbencher who has been described as a 'loyal catholic,' and Garth Hamilton’s religion is unknown'

So of that 13 - or, actually 14, only 3 are confirmed to be Pentecostals.

Watch our full report here.

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