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6 NEWS POLL: Most predicting a hung parliament with support for minor parties & independents rising

The federal election is now less than one week away - and many think there will be a minority government at the end of the campaign.

With Australia just 6 days away from the election, campaigning is heating up - with both major leaders moving from state to state to get their message across before May 21.

And right now, many polls are pointing to a change in government.

The latest Newspoll conducted ahead of Scott Morrison’s campaign launch today shows the Coalition’s primary vote remains 35%, however Labor’s has fallen back 1 point to 38 per cent.

Recent YouGov polling also suggests 8 Liberal MPs will lose their seats. This includes Josh Frydenberg in Kooyong & Tim Wilson in Goldstein, who are both facing challenges from independents.

However, this doesn't mean it's all good news for Labor.

Anthony Albanese’s approval dropped 3 points to 38 percent while those unhappy with his performance rose 2 points to 49 percent.

And new viewer polling from 6 News shows many aren't fans of Morrison or Albanese, with just over 50% saying they prefer neither or suggested a different option.

In addition, the polling showed a drop in support for both major parties.

Newspoll is also showing support for independents & some minor parties rising to 7%, with The Greens on 11 percent, the UAP on 3 percent & One Nation rising to 6 percent.

When 6 News viewers were asked who they predicted would win the election - not necessarily who they wanted to win - very few people predicted a Coalition majority.

Around 35 percent said there would be a Coalition minority, 30 percent saying a Labor minority & just over 28 percent predicting Labor will win at least 76 seats - the number needed for a majority.

While the 6 News viewer poll isn't necessarily a full representation of all voters' thoughts - nor was it conducted the same way as Newspoll or YouGov polling - it does indicate growing support for minor parties & independents that may lead to a hung parliament.

But, as we all know, the most important poll may just be on election day.

Watch the full report here.

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