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A comprehensive list of political parties that are unregistered or have never ran in elections

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

Plenty of parties have been formed over the years - but not all have run in elections.

This is an independently-compiled list of every single political party in Australia that exists or has existed but was never registered or never ran candidates in any election.

Parties that fit into either of those categories but still endorsed independent candidates at elections are also included.

Logos for parties are shown if available.

As mentioned in a previous article, we're not trying to become Wikipedia - but with SpinCheck already covering niche Australian political parties, we thought it'd be a great addition to our coverage by showcasing parties that have little information on them available online - including ones without any mentions of sites like Wikipedia.

For a full A-Z list of every political party that has ever existed in Australia, check out our article here.

If you believe we've forgotten a party or gotten something wrong, please don't hesitate to DM us on social media - @6NewsAU - or email

With that being said, enjoy the list!

Australian Muslim Party

Diaa Mohamed set up the Australian Muslim Party in 2015, as "a reaction to six anti-Islamic parties contesting the election, the Australian Liberty Alliance...Rise Up and Party for Freedom."

"There is a lot of parties out there that...specifically oppose Muslims yet muslims don't have any official representation or anything like that."

The party intended to run senate candidates in all states & territories at the 2016 federal election, but never did.

Australian Progressive Party

The Australian Progressive Party was founded in 2014, around the same time that the Australian Progressives went public.

According to The Guardian, the party "label themselves firmly centrist, saying they are occupying a space left vacant since the demise of the Democrats."

The party later merged to become the Australian Progressives, which is still around today.

Australian Sovereignty Party

The Australian Sovereignty Party was founded by Greg Orfanidis ahead of the 2013 federal election, but never ran any candidates.

The ASP website reportedly said the party was "founded, designed, and constituted by a community of individuals that have long fought for true freedom, liberty, justice, and have contended against subversive forces to restore the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Magna Carta to its rightful application and outworking in society."

"We are a party that will restore true sovereignty to this nation, and expose and defeat the perverse agenda being implemented by globalist forces of the New World Order."

In addition to Orfanidis, members of the party's committee were Mario Tzouvani, Bryan Kavanagh, Didier Babet, Daniel Huppert & Peter Jackson.

The AEC says it was formally registered on 2 July 2013 and deregistered on 30 July 2015.


AustraliaOne (also known as A1) was formed by Riccardo Bosi. While the party did endorse some independent candidates in the 2022 federal election, it was never registered after more than 2 years, according to some reports.

These candidates were backed by A1 in 2022:

  • Ashley Williams (Canning, WA)

  • Craig Cole (Casey, VIC)

  • Darren Bergwerf (Dunkley, VIC)

  • Dominique Murphy (Chisholm, VIC)

  • James Laurie (Bendigo, VIC)

  • Lindsay Temple (Senate, QLD)

  • Madeline Fry (Barker, SA)

  • Paul Busuttil (Boothby, SA)

  • Vince Pannell (Barker, SA)

Bosi himself ran in the NSW seat of Greenway, picking up 3.3% of the vote.

Brandon Raynor's Green Liberals

Brandon Raynor's Green Liberals had an application for registration rejected by the AEC in 2007.

"The advice provided was that the operation of section 129(1)(da) would prohibit the registration of the name "Brandon Raynor's Green Liberals" or the abbreviation "Green Liberals" because it would be open to a reasonable person to think there is a connection or relationship between a party with that name and/or abbreviation and the Liberal Party of Australia when no such connection or relationship exists."

Choice SA

Choice SA was founded in May 2020 "on the principle that in a democratic society the rights and freedoms of all people should be upheld."

The party is led by Luke Taylor. It has never ran any candidates.

Coke in the Bubblers

Coke in the Bubblers was formed in 2013 & gained some media attention for its unique name.

The party’s manifesto described it as "a group of young Australians…who want leadership from our representatives instead of schoolyard bickering and promises of Coke in the bubblers before each election."

Three University of Sydney students, Ed Miller, Christ Thomas and James Burton, decided in 2013 to place their studies on hold so they could focus on politics.

But the party - which was reportedly originally called the Eureka Movement, before they changed it as they thought it had racist undertones - never ended up running candidates in the 2013 election.

According to one article, CITB (then the Eureka Movement) had plans to run in the senate - focusing on NSW, Tasmania, South Australia and Western Australia.

"(They) mentioned names like ex-ALP Finance Minister Lindsay Tanner and former deputy PM and leader of the Nationals John Anderson as the kinds of honest and respected people they would approach to stand as candidates."

The party was deregistered in 2015.

Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Party

The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Party had an application for registration rejected by the AEC in January 2018.

Donkey Vote

Donkey Vote had an application for registration rejected by the AEC in April 2020.

Ethics and Sustainability Party

In March 2010, the Tasmanian Electoral Commission rejected an application from the Ethics and Sustainability Party to be registered & even asked police to investigate allegations the group provided incorrect information about its membership.

The party never ended up getting registered & therefore never ran in any elections.

Family First South Australia

Family First South Australia, also known as SA Family First, was a party that planned to run in the 2022 SA election.

According to The Advertiser, the party applied for registration with the ECSA after being formed in 2021, before Family First (the one formed by ex-Labor MPs) was registered.

"Family First South Australia’s registered agent Megan Lavender said the party was formed in February this year, had 270 members and it applied to register its name in early August."

The party is unrelated to Family First & Family First Victoria.


In November 2015, United Patriots Front leader Blair Cottrell announced plans to launch a political party called Fortitude.

However, it was unable to sign up 500 members - which was needed for registration.

Free West Papua Australia Party

The Free West Papua Australia Party had an application for registration rejected by the AEC in September 2019.

Liberal Movement

Liberal Movement had an application for registration refused by the AEC in December 2013.

It is unrelated to Liberal Movement, a party that existed in South Australia from 1973 to 1976.

Libertarian Party of Australia

The Libertarian Party of Australia was founded in November 2020, but has not been registered with the AEC, or any state/territory electoral commissions.

Another Libertarian Party existed in the 1970s & 1980s, formed out of a split in the Workers Party. It received 0.01% of the national lower house vote at the 1983 federal election.

The party says they are "standing on the shoulders of the Worker’s Party and their 1975 platform."

No East West Link

No East West Link was set up in opposition to the proposed freeway ahead of the 2014 Victorian election.

It applied for registration with the VEC in the same year.


In 2018, just as the Nick Xenophon Team was moving towards becoming Centre Alliance, Xenophon was reportedly attempting to set up SA-BEST (which runs in SA state elections) in other states.

According to Buzzfeed, business names were registered for NSW-BEST, NT-BEST, QLD-BEST and VIC-BEST by the Nick Xenophon Team Incorporated in October 2017.

Reports stated the names were registered by then-NXT & now-former Centre Alliance senator Stirling Griff.

None of the parties were set up with relevant state & territory electoral commissions.


One Planet

Climate Emergency Action Alliance: Vote Planet was founded as the Save Our One Planet Alliance in 2019.

The party was an alliance between 3 unregistered parties - Save the Planet (founded in 2012), One Planet (founded in 2018) & People for the Bush.

One Planet was itself a rural-focused party based in Victoria.

In 2022, it merged with other micro-parties to become the Fusion Party.

Save the Planet was unrelated to the tongue-in-cheek Save the Planet Party set up by a group of teenagers in May 2022, with the support of charity Save The Children.

Party For Freedom

The Party For Freedom was set up by Nick Folkes around 2015.

In December of that year, the Sydney Morning Herald reported that PFF chairman Nick Folkes "vowed to go ahead with a controversial commemoration of the 10th anniversary of the Cronulla riots, despite police and council legal efforts to prevent it."

Folkes himself ran for the NSW Senate at the 2016 federal election, but ended up pulling out.

People First Party

The People First Party was set up by Finn Armstrong-Schmakeit in early 2021.

Armstrong-Schmakeit ran for the seat of Bulimba as an independent in the 2020 Queensland election, picking up 1.9% of the vote.

The party is unrelated to People First, and their website is now offline.

People for the Bush

Put WA First

Put WA First was founded by for Perth lord mayor Chas Hopkins, who said he hoped to run two or three Senate candidates at the 2019 federal election.

That never happened, and the party was not registered.


Renew Australia

Right up until the day he died, former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser was working on starting a new political party, which was set to be called Renew Australia.

According to Crikey, the party was going to focus on social justice, “modern, progressive democracy,” and ethical politics - all based on "genuine liberal values."

Fraser was not going to be the party leader.

He died on March 20, 2015.

Notably, the party still has a seemingly-active website. 6 News has reached out for comment on whether they plan to contest any future elections.

Reignite Democracy Australia Party

Reignite Democracy Australia had plans to set up a party as early as 2021, and claimed they had at least 1,250 members in October 2021.

RDA Managing Director Monica Smit says she "was so overwhelmed with the concept of running RDA Party on top of my current responsibilities and you were doing a great job….so I cancelled RDA Party, refunded all the memberships, and started to support the vision which was being promoted by you and UAP."

Her partner, Morgan C Jonas, ended up running for the UAP in the Victorian seat of Flinders before resigning to contest the senate as an independent.

He ended up being on the 'Group R' ticket with Monica Smit.

They received 0.4% of the vote.

Save the Planet

Sensible Centre Party

The Sensible Centre Party was announced in 2021.

Former radio presenter Byron Cooke said he joined the party & planned to run for the senate in the 2022 federal election.

"I will stand for election in the senate and my goal is to win a federal senate seat from Victoria and to be a voice for the sensible centre," he said.

Cooke never ended up running.

Smashed Avocado Party

The Smashed Avocado Party existed briefly until 2018, when it merged with the Australian Progressives.

The party's website said they "have no ideology, no corporate bosses, and no allegiance to anyone or anything except the well being and improved future of our nation."

Steve Mav Team

The Steve Mav Team was set up by Steve Mav in Tasmania, who's been described as a "serial campaigner."

Mav announced the party would not run for the 2022 federal election in August 2021, and was later endorsed by One Nation.

After his unsuccessful run, he said he would no longer run for office.

Stop Selling Australia Party

The Stop Selling Australia Party created its Facebook page in 2016, with an application for registration refused by the AEC in April 2021.

The party asked followers whether they should run in the Victorian state election, but have so far not attempted to be registered by the AEC.

Team Baz

Team Baz was set up to get senate candidate Barry Du Bois' name above the line.

Du Bois ended his campaign in 2022 before the federal election was called, citing health reasons.

The 23 Million

The 23 Million was registered in July 2013, ahead of the federal election.

It never ran any candidates. The party was deregistered in 2015.

The Burger Urge Party

The Burger Urge Party had an application for registration refused by the AEC in July 2013.

The No Tax Free Electricity.Com Party

The No Tax Free Electricity.Com Party was set up by John John Romanous in 2018 for the 2019 federal election.

The word 'party' was not actually in the party's name, and the AEC determined that "the application to register the Party as a non-Parliamentary party on the Register of Political Parties should be refused."

John John Romanous ended up running for the NSW senate as an ungrouped independent.

Tim Storer Independent SA Party

The Tim Storer Independent SA Party was registered in August 2018 by independent SA Senator Tim Storer.

Storer had run in the 2016 federal election as a member of the Nick Xenophon Team (now Centre Alliance) but had left the party in 2017.

He entered the senate as an independent in 2018 following the disqualification of Skye Kakoschke-Moore, as he was the only other NXT candidate able to fill the vacancy.

However, in 2019 he announced he would not run for re-election, saying he cannot commit to the job for a full 6-year term with his young family.

As a result, the Tim Storer Independent SA Party did not run any candidates.

While this could technically be listed as a party that doesn't fit our earlier rules, no one from the TSISA party contested an election - and Storer was not elected as a member of the party.

Therefore, we're including it on this list.

United People's Party

The United People's Party was founded in 2019 by Aijaz Moinuddin, who ran as a non-affiliated candidate in the seat of Lalor in the same year & later as an independent in 2022.

The party is not registered, and is unrelated to the United People Party that existed in 1989.


Voter Rights Party

The Voter Rights Party had an application for registration rejected by the AEC in June 2018.

Women’s Rights And Gender Equity Party

The Women’s Rights And Gender Equity Party, also known as WRAGE & initially known as the Fix It Party, was created by Jane Gilmore, who was running for the Victorian senate.

In February 2022, she said she had "submitted my application to register a political party with the Australian Electoral Commission."

Gilmore later said she would run even without WRAGE, but in early April, announced she had to withdraw from the campaign.

She now says she'll run for the senate in 2025.


NOTE: Voices for the Senate was originally listed here, until it was registered in July 2022. It has now been removed.


Reminder - for a full A-Z list of every political party that has ever existed in Australia, check out our article here.

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