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All the seats changing hands, how the minor parties went & how you can have your say on our reports

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

An expanded crossbench is set to be a key feature of the next parliament.

The crossbench is set to expand in both the lower house & the senate as the Liberals lose seats nationwide following the May 21 election.

But it's not all good news for Labor - with the party losing some seats as well.

And while we have seen the rise of independents & minor parties, some have even lost representation.

This list does not include those who have already resigned/retired - you can read about them here.

We'd also like to hear from YOU about how well we did at remaining unbiased during this campaign - you can share your feedback here.

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The Liberals have suffered significant losses nationwide, especially in Victoria & Western Australia.

A number of formerly safe seats have now swung towards Labor & independents.

Here's what they lost:

Bennelong, NSW

Held by retiring MP John Alexander, contested by Simon Kennedy - lost to Labor.

Chisholm, VIC

Held by Gladys Liu - lost to Labor.

Curtin, WA

Held by Celia Hammond - lost to an independent.

Goldstein, VIC

Held by Tim Wilson - lost to an independent.

Hasluck, WA

Held by Ken Wyatt - lost to Labor.

Higgins, VIC

Held by Katie Allen - lost to Labor.

Kooyong, VIC

Held by Josh Frydenberg - lost to an independent.

Mackellar, NSW

Held by Jason Falinski - lost to an independent.

North Sydney, NSW

Held by Trent Zimmerman - lost to an independent.

Pearce, WA

Held by retiring MP Christian Porter, contested by Linda Aitken - lost to Labor.

Reid, NSW

Held by Fiona Martin - lost to Labor.

Robertson, NSW

Held by Lucy Wicks - lost to Labor.

Swan, WA

Held by retiring MP Steve Irons, contested by Kristy McSweeney - lost to Labor.

Tangney, WA

Held by Ben Morton - lost to Labor.

Wentworth, NSW

Held by Dave Sharma - lost to an independent.

Like the Liberals, the LNP in Queensland haven't come out of the election unscathed - here's what they lost:

Ryan, QLD

Held by Julian Simmonds - lost to The Greens.

Even though they won the election, Labor has lost multiple seats - but not to the Coalition:

Fowler, NSW

Held by retiring MP Chris Hayes, contested by former senator Kristina Keneally - lost to an independent.

Griffith, QLD

Held by Terri Butler - lost to The Greens.

The UAP ran in all 151 seats & did not win a single one, but may be able to win a Victorian senate seat. In some seats, their vote percentage wasn't insignificant either.

Their only seat, however, is now back in the hands of the Coalition:

Hughes, NSW

Held by former Liberal MP & UAP leader Craig Kelly - lost to the Liberals.

Centre Alliance only has 1 MP now - Rebekha Sharkie, the Member for Mayo - with their only remaining senator now out of Parliament:

Senator for SA

Held by Stirling Griff - lost senate seat.

South Australia has lost another minor party senator, with the Rex Patrick Team now out of parliament:

Senator for SA

Held by Rex Patrick - lost senate seat.

David Pocock likely to claim a second senate seat in the ACT & would join re-elected Labor senator Katy Gallagher in the upper house.

This means Liberal Zed Seselja would lose his seat.

Clare Doube was also running as part of the David Pocock Party.

The Jacqui Lambie Network looks set to pick up a second seat - with Tammy Tyrell set to join Jacqui Lambie on the senate crossbench.

She'll be replacing Tasmanian Liberal senator Eric Abetz.

Bob Katter has been re-elected once again in his Queensland seat of Kennedy.

Katter will retain it with over 60% of the vote, according to ABC projections.

Kim for Canberra has received around 4.5% of the vote - with Kim Rubenstein & Kim Huynh on the ticket.

Preferences may be key in seeing David Pocock claim victory.

The Legalise Cannabis Australia Party sits in seventh place in a six-seat senate race in Queensland, with Bernard Bradley an outside chance to claim a seat.

This means Pauline Hanson's senate seat is under threat, and LCA has received a record Queensland senate vote.

One Nation itself hasn't picked up any lower house seats despite - like the UAP - running in all 151 electorates.

Jennifer Game has a chance of picking up an SA senate seat.

The Greens have had massive success in a number of seats, especially in Queensland.

In addition to retaining Melbourne, they've picked up Ryan from the LNP & Griffith from the ALP.

They've also expanded in the senate.

Leader Adam Bandt has labelled it a "Greens-slide."

TNL (The New Liberals) have failed to pick up any lower house or upper house seats.

Leader Victor Kline, running in the seat of North Sydney, received just under 600 votes as of Monday afternoon - trailing the Liberals, independent Kylea Tink, Labor, The Greens, the UAP, the Liberal Democrats, One Nation & the Sustainable Australia Party.


The others

These parties also ran candidates & did not pick up any lower house or senate seats:

  • Animal Justice Party

  • Australian Christians

  • Australian Citizens Party

  • Australian Democrats

  • Australian Federation Party

  • Australian Progressives

  • Australian Values Party

  • Derryn Hinch's Justice Party

  • Drew Pavlou Democratic Alliance

  • FUSION: Science, Pirate, Secular, Climate Emergency

  • Federal ICAC Now

  • Indigenous-Aboriginal Party of Australia

  • Informed Medical Options Party

  • Liberal Democrats

  • Reason Party

  • Seniors United Party of Australia

  • Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party

  • Socialist Alliance

  • Sustainable Australia Party

  • The Great Australian Party

  • The Local Party

  • Victorian Socialists

  • Western Australia Party

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