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ANALYSIS: Election likely to be called tomorrow after a big week in Australian politics

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

The PM's interview with 6 News continues to make headlines across the country.

The Prime Minister is reportedly just hours away from calling the 2022 federal election, with Scott Morrison likely to announce when Australians will head to the polls tomorrow.

May 14 or May 21 are the two dates that the election could be held on - but until the PM speaks to Governor-General David Hurley, it's all speculation.

Sources close to the PM have remained tight-lipped, with one person telling 6 News that "it'll be called when it's called."

It's been a busy few days in federal politics.

United Australia Party leader Craig Kelly was egged in a Melbourne park - but he wasn’t the only one copping backlash.

On Wednesday night, Prime Minister Scott Morrison was faced with an angry pensioner in a Newcastle pub.

"This is what you said when you got elected last time, ‘We’re going to help all those people who worked all their lives, paid their taxes, and those who have a go, get a go.’ Well, I’ve had a go, mate, I’ve worked all my life and paid my taxes," the man said.

Anthony Albanese also made headlines for his interactions with the public - being interrupted by a member of the public in Perth on Wednesday.

It was later reported that the man was involved with a truck that lobby group Advance Australia was driving at his media conference.

And of course, 6 News' interview with Scott Morrison managed to make headlines in news outlets across the country.

The ABC, News Corp & Nine were just some of the outlets reporting on it.

In The Australian today, Gerard Henderson declared that the PM took "a public pummelling in a media pile-on."

"In the lead-up to this year’s election, Scott Morrison has experienced wide-scale public criticism with respect to his policies and character."

"In recent days this has extended from an age pensioner at a Newcastle hotel to a 14-year-old boy on a little known online news outlet in Melbourne."

We note that with several million views & tens-of-thousands of follower and subscribers even before our interview, "little known" may not be the most accurate description for this outlet.

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