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Anti-abortion DLP MP Bernie Finn rejoices while Labor says Roe v Wade decision is 'disappointing'

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

The landmark decision from the US Supreme Court has been met with worldwide reaction.

Democratic Labour Party MP Bernie Finn, who was expelled from the Liberals for his anti-abortion comments, has rejoiced on social media after the US Supreme Court voted 6-3 to the remove the constitutional right to abortion.

Finn, who as early as 2014 said rape was 'no justification' for abortion, was kicked out of the parliamentary Liberal Party after saying he was "praying" for abortion to be banned in Victoria.

He later joined the DLP as a member of the Victorian upper house.

Today, Finn said on Facebook that today is "a momentous day for humanity."

"This will save lives. This is just the beginning. I love ALL babies. We must protect ALL babies!"

He also declared today to be "a great day for the world."

On Channel 9 this morning, ACT Labor Senator & Finance Minister Katy Gallagher said the decision was a "really disappointing one & one that women will feel right around the world."

"Today is a really difficult day for all who have fought long & hard to ensure that women have the right to make decisions about their own bodies."

Independent MP Allegra Spender also spoke about the landmark decision, saying "women and girls need access to safe and legal abortions - they need control over their bodies."

"This change in the USA is terrible and around the world we must guard our hard-fought rights."

The decision puts abortion rights in the hands of individual states, with some already moving to heavily restrict or completely ban abortion - including in cases of rape & incest.

Missouri officially banned abortion just moments after the Supreme Court announced it had overturned Roe v Wade.

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