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Australian Values Party announces plans to run in Victorian state election

The party was set up earlier this year by ADF veteran Heston Russell.

The Australian Values Party is attempting to run in the Victorian state election, with 1 former senate candidates confirming the news on social media.

The party had 0.31% of the total senate vote in Victoria at the federal election, with Chris Burson & Samantha Asser on the senate ticket.

Burson has now confirmed via an Instagram story that he is running in the state election, but says the AVP needs "help," with the party not currently registered with the Victorian Electoral Commission.

The party also ran in the lower house in Victoria, picking up 0.00% of the total statewide vote - that's 152 votes - because they only ran in one seat, with David Connolly contesting the seat of Kooyong.

The party - which has a focus on veterans' rights - also ran in Blair, McPherson & Wide Bay.

Other minor parties are also attempting to be registered in time for the VEC deadline later this month.

Legalise Cannabis Australia, Family First, United Australia Party & the new Freedom Party are all attempting to run in the November election.

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