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Australians will choose their next government on May 21 - what took so long?

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

The announcement from Scott Morrison came shortly before Sunday morning.

PM Scott Morrison announced Sunday morning that Australians will go to the polls on the 21st of May, 41 days from the announcement.

After farewelling Jenny Morrison in the early hours of Sunday morning, Prime Minister Scott Morrison took the 1 hour flight to Canberra from Sydney.

Once he arrived in the nation's capital, he put in a request to Governor-General David Hurley to dissolve parliament, triggering a federal election.

The Prime Minister said at his media conference "This election is about you. No-one else. It is about our country and it is about its future. And above all, this election, as all elections are, this election is a choice."

Image: Newscorp
Image: Newscorp

Mr Morrison also said that his government was not "perfect" but the public knows who they are.

"It is a choice between a government you know, and a Labor opposition that you don't," Morrison said.

As much as the Prime Minister wanted to move away from questions about his character, which the Labor party had been pushing during this campaign, multiple journalists asked how he was feeling about the upcoming election, given the recent attacks on his personality, after text messages were leaked, saying the PM was a 'bully', a 'fraud' and a 'horrible, horrible person.'

Mr Albanese later held a press conference saying 'I will restore faith in our political system,' after the PM said "people are tired of politics." But Albanese also did try and argue that people weren't sick of politics but sick of the current federal government.

Why did it take so long?

Some people are still asking why it took so long for the PM to call the election, but one of the reasons was a court case involving the PM. Scott Morrison won his court hearing to handpick the 9 NSW candidates for the election.

Anthony Albanese pays a visit to the Royal Easter Show

In 2019, Morrison visited the royal easter show. Today the opposition leader did the same.

A poll of over 1000 people, conducted by 6 News, shows that the majority of people would rather see Albanese become the 31st Prime Minister.

Over the next 6 weeks, both party leaders will be out-and-about, campaigning trying to win over your approval before Australians make their choice on the 21st of May.

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