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Calls to 'Free Australia' as Candace Owens slams COVID-19 lockdowns

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

Lincoln Holmes examines & fact-checks claims about Australia's COVID-19 situation.

It’s taken many months but finally, lockdowns are over in NSW, Victoria & the ACT.

This year, every state & territory capital in Australia has had at least 1 lockdown - Victoria getting a total of 6, including 2 Last year.

But despite almost no restrictions in places like Western Australia & Tasmania for most of the year, some in the US say Australia needs to be freed.

From cable news hosts like Tucker Carlson, to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, claims that ‘Australia has fallen’ have spread worldwide.

Conservative commentator Candace Owens slammed our COVID-19 policies, saying on her show that Australia is "a tyrannical police state...its citizens are quite literally being imprisoned against their will."

"So when do we deploy?" she added.

"Of course, I ask that in jest because we all know the real answer."

But it’s nothing new - in fact, 6 News has fact-checked these claims multiple times & we’ll do it again.

  • There has been no national lockdown since early 2020

  • Very few major protests have been seen outside Sydney & Melbourne,

  • And the Federal Government was not responsible - lockdowns have been up to the states

When all of Melbourne’s 6 lockdowns are combined, it brings up a total of over 250 days - the most recent going for just over 70 - meaning a tweet from Sky News UK claiming "the current lockdown had been in place for 260 days" was incorrect.

(Originally aired here October 24 2021)


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