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Check out this article before sharing unverified images & videos of the Russia-Ukraine War

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

Misinformation & disinformation about the conflict has spread heavily ever since Putin announced the invasion.

As the Russia-Ukraine conflict continues, misleading, miscaptioned or completely false claims about what's going on continue to spread online.

This page highlights false claims we've seen shared multiple times online, with facts to debunk them.

We'll continue to update this page with any further false or misleading claims we see regarding the war.

We strongly encourage you to share the link to this page if you see a false claim that we've debunked, or head here for more unbiased fact-checking.

What we've fact-checked:

CNN 'reports' on the death of a man twice

Two side-by-side tweets from 2 accounts supposedly linked to CNN have gone viral, with them seemingly showing the network reporting on the death of the same man twice - once in Afghanistan in 2021, and the other in Ukraine in 2022.

The tweet from @CNNAfghan 'reported' that "#CNN Journalist ‘Bernie Gores’ executed in #Kabul by #Taliban soldiers."

While the tweet from @CNNUKR said in part:

"Thoughts and prayers with the family of activist Bernie Gores who passed away this morning after a mine planted by Russian backed separatists exploded."

Both accounts were unverified, and both have now been suspended.

The image is actually of YouTuber Jordie Jordan, better known as WingsOfRedemption - not 'Bernie Gores'

CONCLUSION: CNN didn't report the same man's death twice, and the man's image was wrongly identified.

CNN uses 2015 image when reporting on Ukraine explosion

Staying with CNN, another image shows the network supposedly using an image of a 2015 explosion while reporting on the situation in Ukraine.

The lower third was 'Fiery but mostly peaceful explosion in the Ukraine' - we'll get back to that choice of words later.

But pay attention to the choice of font, and the capitalisation on the graphics used.

See below for a comparison of real CNN graphics versus real ones:

Meanwhile, the choice of words used in the lower third appear to be a parody of a real CNN lower third: "Fiery But Mostly Peaceful Protests After Police Shooting."

CONCLUSION: CNN never showed that 2015 explosion on-air, and the graphics used are edited.

Fears of 'disinformation campaign' on social media

Shocking pictures have been coming out of Europe over the past few days, but some aren’t being presented accurately.

One Twitter account called ‘Trending Official’ - which was created on February 18, 2022 - used a video from 2015 as its pinned tweet, falsely captioned as something happening recently.

That account has now been suspended by Twitter.

Here's what you need-to-know.

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