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Did Alan Joyce get a pie in his face for supporting COVID-19 vaccine mandates?

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

Qantas' vaccine mandates for international travellers was dropped last year.

A video of Qantas boss Alan Joyce having a pie shoved in his face back in 2017 has resurfaced amid claims and suggestions it was because of an apparent support of COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

The man who shoved the pie in his face was Tony Overheu, who had "tried writing to newspapers and going on talkback radio but had not gotten much traction," so he went to a business breakfast in Perth where the incident happened.

What had he tried writing about? Same-sex marriage, with Joyce in support of marriage equality.

Magistrate Greg Smith described what happened as "appalling" and "foolish".

So in short, everything to do with same-sex marriage and nothing to do with vaccine mandates.

James Cintolo, a self-described 'expert on medical & nutritional health,' tweeted a link to an article with the following headline:

"Major Airline CEO That Pushed COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates Gets Pied During Live News Broadcast"

The article to goes onto say the following

"At an Australian news conference, a man pied airline CEO Alan Joyce of Qantas Airways Limited. It was a quick event that transpired during a live news broadcast on 7 News Channel."

"Alan Joyce was a know supporter of COVID-19 vaccines. So much so, he supported stringent vaccines mandates for all airline staff he was involved with."

Qantas announced in July 2022 that they were dropping COVID-19 vaccine requirements for international travellers.

CONCLUSION: The video of Joyce having a pie shoved in his face was from 2017 and about the issue of same-sex marriage, not vaccine mandates.

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