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Dutton opposes public holiday if Matildas win World Cup, pledges $250M grassroots sport package

The PM has been calling for a public holiday.

Opposition Leader Peter Dutton has opposed the Prime Minister’s plan for a public holiday if the Matildas win the FIFA Women's World Cup, saying it will "potentially cost the economy 2 billion dollars".

Instead, Dutton has pledged a $250 million dollar package towards grassroots sporting campaigns in Australia, which he says will "benefit infrastructure for young children who operate with poor change room facilities".

For this to actually happen, Peter Dutton will have to return to government, with the next election set to be held sometime between next year to mid-2025.

Anthony Albanese has called for public holiday if the Matildas win, but it will be up to respective states.

NSW Premier Chris Minns has already come out and in support, but the Matildas will still need to beat England, and win then win the Final on Sunday night.

If they don't beat England, they will play for third place on Saturday night - against either Spain or Sweden.

Australia will take on England tomorrow night at 8pm AEST at Stadium Australia. You can follow all the action on our socials.

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