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Family First Victoria 'perplexed' after Family First Victoria attempts to get registered

FFV leader Lisa Bentley has now spoken to 6 News.

Family First Victoria has said on Facebook that they are 'perplexed' after the Victorian Electoral Commission received an application for registration from Family First Victoria.

In April, Family First Victoria (let's call them FFV) applied for registration with the VEC.

Today, Family First Victoria (let's call them FFP) also attempted to get registered.

6 News understands FFP is the same party as the one set up in South Australia last year, which was called a 'revival' of Family First - merged into the Australian Conservatives in 2017 - though are not exactly the same.

So that's 3 Family First parties.

Additionally, in Victoria - Family First (the original) was registered under the name Family First (Vic), last contesting a state election in 2014.

​Speaking to 6 News, FFV leader & registered party officer Lisa Bentley ​has confirmed the party has no affiliation with the original Family First or the new one.

She says FFV was first planned in May 2021, with FFP founded in SA in July of the same year.

Ms Bentley also said her party was not strictly a 'Christian party,' with the original Family First generally considered part of the Christian right.

Today, the VEC website showed the page of the FFP application when people attempted to see the FFV application - the electoral commissioner now telling 6 News that this was a "technical error".

The VEC also says there is nothing preventing two parties of the same name attempting to get registered if the name is not already in use.

"The applicant who demonstrates that they have 500 members and complies with all other registration requirements first, is registered first."

Today, applications from the United Australia Party, Freedom Party and Family First Victoria (FFP) were all received by the VEC.

Legalise Cannabis Australia & the Australian Values Party are also attempting to get registered.

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