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Fatima Payman suspended indefinitely from Labor

WA senator Fatima Payman has been suspended indefinitely from the Labor caucus just days after an interview on 6 News where she said her floor-crossing would not be a one-off gesture.

Yesterday afternoon, Payman met with Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and was suspended after she crossed the Senate floor to support a Greens urgency motion recognising a Palestinian state.

In a statement, a Labor spokesperson said: “By her own actions and statements, Senator Payman has placed herself outside the privilege that comes with participating in the federal parliamentary Labor Party caucus. 

If Senator Payman decides she will respect the caucus and her Labor colleagues, she can return, but until then Senator Payman is suspended from the right to participate in federal parliamentary Labor Party caucus meetings and processes.”

A Labor source has also told 6 News: "This is a mess entirely of the government's own making, and any obsessions by members over Payman's status in the caucus must simply be keen to see the loss of more safe Labor seats in Western Sydney."

Just days ago, in an exclusive interview with 6 News, Payman stated her move would not be a one-off gesture and was unsure whether she would face further sanctions.


Fatima the best thing you can do is to persuade Hamas to release all the hostages. With the hostages gone Natniyahu will have no reason to further bomb Gaza. Australian Labor Party also wants Two State Solution A Palestinian State and a Jewish State. Now with that done Australia with the help of like minded countries can force Israel to negotiate. Your lone voice will do nothing for peace for Palestinians. Don’t be Fool.

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