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Former MP Andy Meddick pushed by police officer while yelling at people performing Nazi salute

Updated: Mar 19, 2023

Condemnation from across the political spectrum is growing after yesterday's scenes in Melbourne.

Video has captured the moment former Victorian Animal Justice Party MP Andy Meddick was pushed by a police officer while he yelled at people from the National Socialist movement.

The group of around two dozen people repeatedly performed the Nazi salute on the steps of the Victorian Parliament, as they clashed with pro-trans protesters in Melbourne.

Footage shows Mr Meddick and another man on the footpath yelling at the group who were marching down the road while performing the Nazi salute.

While the camera is pointing at the other direction, Meddick then appears to tell the group to "f*ck off," and the other man tells them to "get over here...f*cking pussy".

That's when a police officer pushes Meddick and the other man multiple times while ordering them to move on.

"How about you go against them?" Meddick then says.

AJP Victoria convenor Bronwyn Currie described it as shameful behaviour.

Labor MP Josh Burns says now is a time to consider whether tougher laws are needed, with the Victorian Parliament banning Nazi symbols last year.

Monique Ryan said we are “so much better than that”, and fellow independent Zoe Daniel said the scenes are unacceptable.

Victorian Liberal MPs David Southwick and Brad Battin also said it was sickening.


Overnight, multiple arrests have been made after the clashes.

The Herald Sun reports a 22-year-old Point Cook man was arrested for allegedly putting a female officer in a headlock and taking her to the ground, while a 23-year-old Thornbury woman was arrested for allegedly slapping another officer.

A 22-year-old from Preston was also arrested for unlawful assault.

In a statement, a Victoria Police spokeswoman said "some of these groups failed to engage with police in the lead-up to the protest, or altered their plans without notice, resulting in the potential for multiple clashes between the opposing groups."

"Consequently, officers were required to form many lines between the different groups to protect the safety of all involved, stop breaches of the peace and prevent any physical violence."

Describing the scenes, artist and trans activist Amy Sargeant tells 6 News she has "never seen that with my own eyes before," and has criticised how Victoria Police responded.

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