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Fred Nile to run for re-election in NSW despite announcing retirement

The former Christian Democrats member was first elected in 1981.

Reverend Fred Nile appears set to run for re-election in NSW next month despite announcing several months ago that he would be retiring.

An official register of candidates from the NSW Electoral Commission lists 'Frederick John Nile' - that's his full name - as a candidate in the state's legislative council.

Also running is his wife, Silvana Nile, as the lead candidate for the Revive Australia Party. The party is unregistered so both will be independents, or 'Independent RAP'. This will likely heavily affect his chances of winning.

No other candidates running for the party have been announced, and Nile himself is being honoured at a "farewell thanksgiving and appreciation luncheon" on March 5.

Nile was first elected to the NSW Parliament in 1981 for the Call to Australia Party, later known as the Christian Democrats.

The party was dissolved in 2022 and he announced the formation of a party called Christ in Government. That party never went anywhere, and he ended up joining the Seniors United Party.

Since around late last year, he has publicly identified himself with the new Revive Australia Party.

Nile has been in parliament every year since 1981, with a brief absence in 2004 when he ran for the senate. He was re-appointed to fill his own vacancy the same year.

No official announcement of a re-election bid has been made as of publication.

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