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FULL REPLAY: Constables Rachel McCrow and Matthew Arnold honoured at memorial service

The two officers killed in last Monday's deadly ambush in Wieambilla have been farewelled.

Rachel McCrow and Matthew Arnold, the two Queensland police officers killed in a shooting last week, have been farewelled at a memorial service.

The service held at the Brisbane Entertainment centre saw over 8 thousand people attend, filling it to maximum capacity.

Among those in attendance were family members, members of the police force from across the country and political leaders, including Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and Opposition leader Peter Dutton, as well as Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk, Queensland Opposition Leader David Crisafulli and Queensland Governor Dr Jeannette Young.

Tributes to the officers were read by family, friends and leaders.

Senior Sergeant Laura Harriss spoke on behalf of Matthew Arnold's family. She read out a letter that he wrote to his parents in Year 12.

“Thank you for everything. I may be gone someday, soon perhaps, but just know that I will never leave you. I will cherish every moment we’ve had together in my heart forever.”

She also said, “You deserved so much more from the public you lived to protect." "He took his role of oldest triplet seriously, they said, and “was always a protector, a leader, and a big brother to all those who knew him”.

Constable Rachel McCrow was remembered as the "very essence of compassion and selflessness."

Senior Constable Melissa Gibson, a close friend and colleague of Rachel McCrow, paid tribute, describing her as "one of a kind."

"I’m so sorry that I wasn’t there for you when you needed me the most. That is something that will forever haunt me. Behind all of that was this cheeky larrikin, who loved a good prank and loved a good meme, often at our expense."

Constable Freddy Hartigan, also paid tribute to McCrow saying she was the police officer that the world now so loudly demands - a copper who deals in fairness, respect and love."

"A copper who truly listens, a copper who deeply cares. A copper with a strong sense of justice and a copper who will fight to protect those they have sworn to serve."

Constable McCrow's beloved dog, Archibald, was in attendance.

The Queensland Premier spoke at the memorial saying, that there are "no words that can heal this awful grief and crushing loss."

"We will rededicate ourselves to their example of there being far more good than there is evil. In honour of two young people who lived what they believed, Rachel and Matthew."

Police Chaplain Jeffrey Baills said that "what happened on December 12 was un-Australian and does not belong in this country."

"It was abhorrent. It was not of God. It was absolute evil. This barbaric act has shocked our community, and it’s irreparably damaged the Arnold family and the McCrow family."

Police commissioner Katarina Carroll addressed the service, telling people that she was honoured to stand there representing the Queensland Police Service to deliver the valedictory for Constables McCrow and Arnold - awarding them with the Queensland Police Valour Medal, the National Police Service Medal, and National Medal.

Following the service, a guard of honour was formed outside the centre by thousands of Police, stretching 1km long, honouring the service of the officers.

Horses, police dogs, boats, bagpipes, helicopters and a motorcade all formed the procession.

You can watch a replay of the service here.

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