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George Christensen condemned by PM Scott Morrison for interview with Alex Jones

The Prime Minister has now spoken out about the controversial appearance.

Scott Morrison has condemned remarks from Queensland Nationals MP George Christensen, made on The Alex Jones Show - hosted by the controversial US commentator & conspiracy theorist of the same name.

"I thought those comments were appalling and I have spoken to George directly about them," the PM said in Sydney today.

"George is not a candidate for the LNP at the next election and I think George should quietly go into retirement."

During the interview, Christensen advocated for protests outside international Australian consulates over strict COVID-19 restrictions seen in multiple states & territories - he also reportedly laughed when Jones compared quarantine facilities to the Auschwitz concentration camp.

Deputy PM & Nationals leader Barnaby Joyce has revealed he made two calls to Christensen from London in the wake of the interview, tweeting that he called the Member for Dawson to "affirm that any parallel of domestic policy with the abomination which was the holocaust requires an immediate rebuke," adding that he has "come to the view that this current platform is at times toxic, dangerous and incendiary."

"I have asked Mr Christensen to be far more aware of any platform he speaks on and to ask himself of the history of those platforms and if participation on it is wise."

Darren Chester, the Member for Gippsland, also tweeted that he wants to "assure Australians there are plenty of normal people in The Nationals party room who are doing their best every day to represent the interests of regional communities."

"Like me, they condemn the conspiracy theories, lack of respect & ill-informed comments of Christensen." reports Labor frontbencher Tanya Plibersek said "what (Christensen) is doing is borderline treasonous," claiming that he is "a repeat offender with this sort of behavior."

Watch our full report here.


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