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Glenn Druery reveals the Sack Dan Andrews Party is 'one of mine' in a leaked video

Druery has worked with several minor parties ahead of this year's Victorian election.

'Preference whisperer' Glenn Druery has revealed that the Restore Democracy Sack Dan Andrews Party is "one of mine," in a leaked video where he also says he will "control" who wins a number of legislative council seats in the Victorian election.

As reported by the Herald Sun, Druery was speaking to the Angry Victorians Party's Heston Russell and Chris Burson.

In the lengthy leaked video, Druery says he control a number of minor parties and expects to receive $55,000 if the Angry Victorians Party won a seat as a result of his work.

He also revealed that the Restore Democracy Sack Dan Andrews Party, which has Tosh-Jake Finnigan as its de facto leader, was "one of mine."

"I could have called it the Pro Jet Trails Party, I could have called it the Port Arthur Conspiracy, I could have called it the Whacko Crazy Lunatics Party but I didn’t. “Every other party was (saying) sack Dan Andrews, sack Dan Andrews, sack Dan Andrews and I was like, ‘Ah ha. We are going to call them the Sack Dan Andrews Party’. And we did. We, me and my allies. “That has been formed because if that gets a decent draw it is going to completely usurp Clive, One Nation and poor little Aidan. Little bitty Aidan. He’s not smart."

Druery was referring to Clive Palmer and Aidan McLindon, deputy leader of the Freedom Party.

"A minor party has had the balance of power in this country at a state or federal level for nearly 25 years, and my fingerprints have been on almost all of them."

The leaked comments come just 24 hours after similar allegations from the Animal Justice Party made to 6 News.

The AJP claimed Druery “boasted” about setting up Sack Dan Andrews and the Legalise Marijuana Party, a party with almost nothing known about it that pulled out of the election after objections from the similarly named Legalise Cannabis Party.

Druery said in the video that "I have put people in parliament who have been executives at airlines, a divorced mother who hadn’t had a job in 20 years, a former prostitute – Fiona Patten – taxi drivers, school teachers, accountants, a guy who was a gravedigger."

"We fight on our terms, not the enemy’s. If we go out there and try and fight an imperial power on the field, we are going to f***ing lose...the only groups you’ve got to worry about are those Freedom f***ers, Craig Ellis which is (Legalise) Cannabis and Reason. (Companions and) Pets, of course, you’ve got to talk to him. The rest I control. Everybody. I will be filling in their GVTs."

Today is day 4 of pre-polling.

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