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Greg Hunt announces he's QUITTING politics at the next federal election

The Health Minister has been in politics for 20 years.

Greg Hunt has announced he's quitting politics at the next federal election, meaning he won't be contesting his electoral seat of Flinders in Victoria that he's held for 20 years.

The story was broken by the Australian Financial Review yesterday afternoon, but only now confirmed by the Health Minister.

Yesterday, Treasurer Josh Frydenberg said said he & Hunt are "very dear friends" and added he has been "an outstanding health minister through the crisis."

In mid-November, Hunt told the ABC that he was "pre-selected & running" for the seat he's held since 2001 - which he held by a margin of 5.6% at the 2019 election.

The reports about Hunt stepping down came just hours before Christian Porter also announced he'll be quitting politics at the next election.

On Facebook, Mr Porter wrote that "after a long time giving everything I could to the people of Pearce it’s now time to give more of what is left to those around me whose love has been unconditional."

He went onto declare he has "experienced perhaps more of the harshness of modern politics than most," but added that "there are no regrets."

Porter was elected as the Member for Pearce in Perth's north in 2013, before becoming the Attorney-General under former PM Malcolm Turnbull.

But earlier this year, he revealed he was the unnamed cabinet minister being accused of raping a woman in 1988 - allegations he strenuously denies.

In addition, it was also revealed part of his legal fees in a defamation case against the ABC were paid by a blind trust with funds from an unknown source.

The next federal election will likely be held in March or May next year.

Watch our full report here.


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