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Hillsong, RATS & Morrison: Social media users fall for satirical post

It comes amid growing COVID-19 cases & a record daily figure in NSW.

A satirical post about the Hillsong Church being given free rapid antigen tests by PM Scott Morrison has been believed by dozens of social media users.

The tweet said the following:

"I work at Hillsong at Chatswood and we just received a shipping container of RATs free so we can hold our conference this weekend with over 20,000 people coming."

"It came with a nice handwritten note from Scott Morrison."

Of course, that never happened - there was no conference at the time & there was no shipping container of rapid antigen tests.

However, we've seen dozens of social media users fall for the post - tweeted on January 4 - which continues to see regular engagement.

It comes amid a real story regarding the Hillsong Church - attendees singing and dancing at a multi-day youth camp near Newcastle in NSW, with the ABC reporting that "changes to public health orders came into effect on Tuesday that banned singing and dancing at music festivals."

Today, NSW reported 92,264 COVID-19 cases & 22 deaths - with a backlog of positive RATs contributing to the record figure.


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