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How our fact-checking rating system works

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

We explain the 7 different ratings we give when fact-checking & what they mean.

Fact-checking isn't as easy as "true" and "false" - there's a lot more to it.

Check out our reasoning for having 6 different ratings & what each one of them specifically means:


Seems pretty simple - "this claim is not a lie."

Something rated 'true' is undeniably, 100% a true & accurate fact. There is full context, all the facts & all other relevant information.

Mostly True

We'll give something this rating if it's majority of the claim is proven to be true, but does contain some false or misleading details.

This isn't the same as 'Missing Context' - read about that rating below.

Missing Context

This rating will be given if a claim does have elements of truth, but is missing significant context that changes perspective.

For example, a post featuring a real quote that leaves out the entire quote or the context surrounding when it was said & what it was about.

Mostly False

We'll give something this rating if it's majority of the claim is proven to be false, but does contain some true information.

Again, it's not quite the same as 'Missing Context.'


Something rated 'false' is undeniably, 100% inaccurate.

There is no truth to the claim & any 'facts' are too insignificant to be labelled 'Mostly False.'


This label will be given if a claim cannot be fully proven to the point we're comfortable labelling it 'true' or 'false.'

While there may be evidence, 6 News is not able to independently confirm - or it may act as a 'placeholder' rating, meaning it'll change once new evidence is presented or when an investigation ends.


This rating may be a bit controversial - but here's why.

While we won't fact-check every singe satire or humourous post, ones that go viral may need to be because of a significant number of people believing them.

You can likely see a number of comments asking if it's true - and others claiming it is.

We'll make sure to correct our fact-checks labelled 'false' if we find out that it's satirical (find out more about our corrections policy here).


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