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How the Legalise Cannabis Australia Party almost defeated Pauline Hanson

Party president Michael Balderstone & WA MP Brian Walker spoke to 6 News.

Legalise Cannabis Australia President Michael Balderstone has told 6 News that he's "pleasantly but not totally" surprised that the party did as well as it did in the federal election.

The party picked up a record Queensland vote, and at one stage was an outside chance to defeat Pauline Hanson for the state's sixth senate seat.

"I think we're going to end up with half a million primary votes nationwide."

"The word is out there on cannabis now, that it's an excellent, safe medicine."

Mr Balderstone also confirmed the party is attempting to run in the Victorian election in November.

"We're not registered yet...we've only got the next month or so to do that."

Dr Brian Walker, one of two Legalise Cannabis MPs in WA (the other being Sophia Moermond) said he's "very heartned & encouraged" by the party's results at the federal election."

"Nationally, we've got the question - was this actually a protest vote? To some degree, probably."

"But at its very base, we've got a lot of people who are saying this is a sensible thing to be doing - these are sensible people doing sensible things."

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