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How-to-vote cards put in envelopes for citizenship ceremonies? Twitter claim lacks any evidence

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

It's not the first time the AEC has stepped in & fact-checked social media claims.

A post made by Twitter user 'pastry212' claims that PM Scott Morrison had how-to-vote cards put in all envelopes for citizenship ceremonies held on Australia Day, declaring that it was "outrageous" - but is it true?

The tweet seems to imply that the how-to-vote cards are from the Liberals, and several people replying to the tweet have suggested that the Australian Electoral Commission needs to get involved.

The AEC has now spoken about it - declaring the claim to be false.

Their official Twitter account said that "we work with Home Affairs year-round to get details of new citizens to get them enrolled to vote as soon as they’re eligible."

"This often involves a pre-filled ENROLMENT form (not a how-to-vote) included with their citizenship."

The tweet never showed any evidence to back up the claim.

It's not the first time the AEC has corrected false claims on Twitter - late last year, they (alongside 6 News) looked at a false claim that the PM could use "constitutional lawyers" o delay the federal election.


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