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IN PICTURES: Kooyong on federal election day, 2019

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

The images were all taken by 6 News on May 18, 2019.

On May 18, 2019, 6 News (known as HMV Local News at the time) was on-the-ground in the federal seat of Kooyong as voters turned out to have their say.

There were a total of 8 candidates running:

  • Angelina Zubac (IND)

  • Bill Chandler (IND)

  • Davina Hinkley (AJP)

  • Jana Stewart (ALP)

  • Josh Frydenberg (LIB)

  • Julian Burnside (GRN)

  • Oliver Yates (IND)

  • Steven D'Elia (UAP)

Notably, 3 of those candidates were independents.

(ABOVE: A Josh Frydenberg sign on a fence)

Josh Frydenberg was facing a major challenge from 3 of those candidates - Burnside, Stewart & Yates.

(ABOVE: 5 Liberal party posters seen on a fence, along with a Josh Frydenberg sign & a Davina Hinkley sign)

Frydenberg was elected in 2010, and at the time had been in office for 9 years.

(ABOVE: A car with 'Vote 1 Yates' on its door)

Julian Burnside was running as the Greens candidate, while Oliver Yates was the 'teal independent.'

But he wasn't the only independent candidate running.

(ABOVE: A campaign sign for independent Angelina Zubac)

Dr Angelina Zubac, who - according to her website at the time - has lived in Kooyong for 25 years - was also running for the third straight time, following attempts in 2013 & 2016.

She chose to use dark blue & red for signage.

(ABOVE: A campaign sign & how-to-vote recommendation from Bill Chandler)

Bill Chandler, a self-described "strong advocate for affordable & renewable electricity" was another independent candidate.

He chose to use the colour orange for his signage.

(ABOVE: Liberal Party sign saying 'Vote Green or Independent and you'll get the Bill')

In Kooyong, the Liberals focused their attacks on the Greens & independent Oliver Yates, saying voting for them would lead to getting Bill Shorten as Prime Minister.

(ABOVE: 2 'walking billboards' - one promoting Josh Frydenberg, the other attacking the Greens, Yates & Labor)

The election also saw 'walking billboards' that were also present in 2022, again focusing attacks on Julian Burnside, Oliver Yates & Bill Shorten.

(ABOVE: 4 volunteers - 2 Liberal, 1 Greens & 1 Conservatives - in addition to 2 Frydenberg signs)

There were plenty of minor parties running too.

In addition to Labor, the Liberals/Nationals & the Greens - One Nation, Derryn Hinch's Justice Party, the Democratic Labour Party, the United Australia Party, Shooters, Fishers, Farmers, Animal Justice, Help End Marijuana Prohibition (now Legalise Cannabis), Liberal Democrats, Australian Conservatives (seen above), Christian Democratic Party, Small Business Party, Conservative National Party, Sustainable Australia, Health Australia, Climate Action! (better known as Online Direct Democracy), Australian Workers Party, Australian Democrats, Republican Party, Rise Up Australia, Great Australian Party, Citizens Electoral Council (now Australian Citizens Party), VOTEFLUX.ORG (now Flux) & Yellow Vest Australia ran candidates in Victoria for the senate.

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