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Innocent neighbour killed in Qld shooting was set to celebrate 26th anniversary on Tuesday

58-year-old Alan Dare was killed on Monday night, with a vigil held in Chinchilla overnight.

The widow of a 58-year-old man killed in the Queensland shooting has spoken out as tributes for the victims continue.

Alan Dare was killed on Monday by Nathaniel Train, Gareth Train and Stacey Train in Wieambilla. Constables Matthew Arnold and Rachel McCrow were also killed.

Dare, along with fellow neighbour Victor Lewis, went to the Train property after hearing gunshots. According to Sky News, Dare was shot outside the property with his body recovered in the morning.

Kerry Dare has told Channel 9 that she “screamed at people with guns and walked up to people with guns held to their cheek and big vests on and asked them what they were doing to get Al, and they just looked at me blankly and kept walking.”

The couple were due to celebrate their 26th anniversary on Tuesday.

Police make request to media

Following reports that Gareth and Stacey Train admitted to killing the 2 police officers in a video uploaded to YouTube, Queensland Police requested media outlets did not reupload the video and also asked the general public to refrain from sharing the clip.

The Courier Mail appeared to delete their reupload of the video that was published on their website, while the original YouTube Channel has now been taken down.

Overnight, around 400 people attended a vigil in Chinchilla, which is about 30 minutes away from where the shooting happened.

A memorial service for Constables Arnold and McCrow will be held at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre at 10am AEST on Wednesday.

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