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Is this a photo of a young Scott Morrison?

The Prime Minister was reportedly known as 'Scotty Mo' in High School.

An image circulating online purports to show Prime Minister Scott Morrison when he was younger, wearing a shirt that read "DRINK TIL YOU WANT ME."

While the first post we could find was a tweet, it's worth noting it does appear to be a screenshot of someone else's post - and, based on the image quality, it appears to be a screenshot shared & saved a fair few times.

The caption claims the photo is from an "abandoned Myspace page" - but is the person in the image really Scott Morrison?


The image appears to be a meme from several years ago - not related to the PM at all.

Here's one example we could find, and if you search "Drink Til You Want Me Meme" you'll find several more.

While one big giveaway was the fact that - despite glasses & the same skin colour, the pair don't look all that similar - another was that real photos of the PM when he was younger are widely documented.

According to The Australian, this is a photo of Morrison in High School, when he was known as 'Scotty Mo.'

"Strewth couldn’t find a picture of the Prime Minister rocking the banana hammock, but we did come across this snap of a young Scotty Mo mid-stroke. (That isn’t a typo; Scotty Mo was the Prime Minister’s nickname in high school.)"

"The photograph is displayed on the walls of Sydney Boys High School’s rowing shed in Abbotsford."


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