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King Neptune statue and abandoned Atlantis Marine Park recognised for heritage value

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

The theme park closed in 1990.

The Iconic King Neptune statue and Sun City Precinct have been given State Recognition, being placed on the State’s Heritage List.

The Sun City Precinct which comprises of the Two Rocks Marina, Shopping Centre and King Neptune statue, was the idea of the late Perth Businessman, Alan Bond.

Alan Bond is remembered for bankrolling the successful challenge for the 1983 America's Cup. This was the first time the New York Yacht Club had lost it in its 132-year history. He was also the founder of the Bond University in Gold Coast, Australia.

The Heritage Listing of 'Sun City' recognises the significant contribution the seaside precinct has made to WA's heritage, as the first residential, commercial and recreational investment project undertaken by a private company in the 1970s.

In 1972, developers launched the Yanchep Sun City "leisure city" with the Two Rocks Marina to be built as a training base for the 1974 challenge for the America's Cup.

The Sun City Yacht Club was also established around this time and many of the streets in Two Rocks were named after yachts challenging for, or defending, the America's Cup.

The King Neptune statue which has overlooked the Two Rock Marina for over four decades, was originally constructed in the early 1980s as a part of the development of the Atlantis Marine Park.

WA Heritage Minister David Templeman said "in the early 1970s the Sun City Precinct development put Two Rocks and the Yanchep region on the map - in more ways than one.

"The precinct marketed this beautiful part of our State to Western Australians, Australians and the international market, as both a recreational hotspot and residential development.

"Today, the area connects many Western Australians, and particularly the local Two Rocks and Yanchep communities, to the memories and experiences of that time.

"This listing ensures that the cultural heritage values of the Sun City Precinct will continue to be recognised by future generations of Western Australians."

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