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Labor’s cashless gaming trial to include 0.58% of all pokie machines as they release gambling policy

The trial would last for 12 months.

NSW Labor has announced they will trial a cashless gaming card at selected pubs and clubs if elected at the March 25 state election.

Opposition Leader Chris Minns announced the plan, which is for 500 of the reported 86,480 in NSW.

When calculated, that equals just 0.58% of total machines in the whole state.

The trial would start on July 1 and last for 12 months. It would be for 'high-use' areas in both metropolitan and rural NSW.

Signage promoting gaming and political donations from clubs that have gaming machines would be banned under the plan, and the ALP has also pledged to ban signage such as 'VIP Lounge' if elected.

The Greens and One Nation have all backed gambling reform from the Perrottet Liberal government, while The Nationals & the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party have so far not committed to it.

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