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Liberal candidate posts image of a "local couple" - but it's actually a stock photo

Jo Bromilow has now turned off comments on her Facebook post.

A Liberal Party candidate has been called out after claiming a stock photo used in one of her posts was a "local couple."

Jo Bromilow, a candidate for the upcoming Blue Mountains Local Government Elections in NSW, posted on Facebook that the current Council "doesn’t care about you if you can’t stay in your regular sized property."

"It is so disappointing when we hear stories of long-term residents who aren’t able to downsize as they become empty nesters or circumstances change, and therefore need to move off the mountains," she wrote.

In a screenshot posted by Twitter user PrestonTowers, Bromilow was asked if the photo she included was of a "local couple."

"Yes they are!" she replied.

But that's not true.

The image is a stock photo, titled "Senior Couple Going Through Finances Looking Worried" on the Alamy website.

The photo, and several others of the same couple, can also be found on other stock photo websites.

As of Tuesday afternoon, all but 1 of the replies on the post have been removed & the comment section has been turned off.

6 News has reached out to Jo Bromilow, but has not received a reply.

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