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LNP preferencing Greens in South Australia? Viral memes ignore basic facts

South Australians will tomorrow head to the polls in their state election.

CLAIM: The LNP is preferencing candidates from The Greens in the SA Election

Two memes appear to have spread the claim - both claiming that the LNP is preferencing The Greens over other candidates, including Labor.

One of those memes even goes on to claim it is proof of a "confirmed preference deal" between both parties.

However, the LNP is a political party that only exists in Queensland - and if they were referring to a Liberal-Nationals Coalition, they'd be wrong too, as there is no such coalition currently in power in SA.

All how-to-vote cards are available here, and while some do put The Greens down as 'number 2,' others don't.

It's also worth noting that, in some cases, the numbers appear to be done in a pattern - top-to-bottom, with the Liberal candidate in the number 1 position.

The how-to-vote card from the Liberals for the seat of Dunstan - Premier Steven Marshall's seat - even lists Labor's Cressida O'Hanlon second & The Greens' Kay Moncrieff last.

The Greens are also not preferencing the Liberals back on many - if not all - occasions.

Additionally, what parties tell you to preference isn't something you have to follow - only you can decide who you preference.

RATING: MOSTLY FALSE - Some how-to-vote cards do have The Greens as a second preference, but it's not an indication of a "confirmed preference deal."

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