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Make schools businesses: Liberal Democrats MP on profit-motive education

John Ruddick was elected to the NSW Legislative Council this week.

Newly-elected Liberal Democrats MP John Ruddick has told 6 News he believes the state's education system should be "radically reformed."

"We don't need a Department of Education, we don't need a National Curriculum," he said.

"At the beginning of each school year, the government gives a voucher to all parents of school-age children, and the parents then decide where they would like to cash that voucher in to educate their child for a year."

"That means...that schools are going to become businesses, there's going to be a profit motive."

"There might be schools out there that teach woke ideology," Ruddick added.


"Business always operates more effectively and more professionally than government bureaucracy."

Ruddick, a former Liberal Party member, was this week confirmed as a new member in the NSW Legislative Council. He's the party's second sitting MP across Australia, joining Victorian MLC David Limbrick.

As a result of Electoral Act changes and an objection to the party's name by the Liberals, the LDP has been preparing to change its name for over a year. It initially applied to change its name to the Liberty and Democracy Party, a name they have used at elections before, but withdrew the AEC application.

Officially, the party only needs to change its name at a federal level, but it's widely expected the name change will affect all state and territory branches.

Ruddick also confirmed to 6 News that the Liberal Democrats are in "discussion" with the Libertarian Party of Australia in the event they choose to use their name. The LPA, which describes itself as a 're-founded' version of the original Libertarian Party that existed from 1977 until 1983, is not currently registered anywhere in Australia.

Liberty and Democracy Party, as well as the Liberty Party, are another 2 options of the total 6 on the table.

LDP members will be meeting next month.

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