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Man sets himself alight while screaming about vaccine mandates in Melbourne

WARNING: Some details in this report may be confronting.

A man has set himself alight in Melbourne while reportedly screaming about Victoria’s vaccine mandates.

One witness who was dining at a nearby restaurant told the Herald Sun that the man "poured gas on himself and on his car," adding he was "screaming about mandates."

"He was screaming 'No vax ID,' and throwing books."

Police officers and firefighters covered the man with water, before he was taken to hospital in an ambulance with life-threatening injuries.

Another witness said the man’s skin was burning until he was covered with water…saying he was "off his face screaming about the mandates."

The incident in the suburb of Richmond in front of diners at around 8pm AEDT.

As of Sunday morning, the man was in a critical but stable condition, according to a spokesman from The Alfred hospital.

If you or anyone you know needs help, Lifeline is available at 13 11 14 or at

Watch our full report here.


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