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MEET THE TEAM: Political Reporter Roman Mackinnon

Updated: Jan 1, 2022

"I have always loved being in front of the camera, and loved English."

Roman Mackinnon is 6 News' Federal Political Reporter, covering news from across the country from his home city of Brisbane.

His first ever report was in 2017 on Tropical Cyclone Debbie, using a catch-and-scoop handle as the microphone and a raincoat in his backyard.

Roman used to pretend that he was apart of a big news station and was invited into one TV studio for his tenth birthday.

Whenever there is a big story, like a flood emergency, you'll find him in a place that matters - filming, editing and uploading all of his videos by himself.

You can follow him on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok & subscribe to him on YouTube.


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